The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Joe and Melissa Powers’ dog was named for the ice cream man
The Paper photo by Karen Zach Joe and Melissa Powers’ dog was named for the ice cream man
Newlyweds! My guests this week just celebrated their first anniversary. Married on Valentine’s Day, this pair wed in her church, Grace Avenue, where she noted that as a kid, “I went every Sunday, Sunday evening and Wednesday night.” Although they don’t go quite that often, they do enjoy going to church and visiting various ones, including New Hope and New Life, along with Grace Avenue.
I’ve known my fella’ today since before he was born. His mom and I have been friends since we were tots, our parents in turn being good buddies. We discussed a lot of fun times we had when he was a youngster. I was going to ask him if he remembered the time there were nine of us stuffed in my Chevette, but I forgot. Another fun time was going on the Janie show. We spent many wonderful times swimming at our house, grilling out at another couple’s and eating at his folks. Many laughs and giggles.
He played sports with our son, and later on, would coach our grandsons in basketball and tennis. A Southmont graduate, he was involved in those two sports, as well as FFA. His coaches, Rich Clouse, Kevin Roy, Jeff Baer and Keith Airey all influenced him greatly and they instilled in him a desire to influence kids, which spurred him on to also be a coach. 2001-2014 he was assistant varsity basketball coach and head junior high in tennis (assistant in high school) and also coached in junior high basketball. He referred to “his kids!” As a teacher, I can relate. He was quite excited about three of his boys making 1,000 points (Austin and Devin Burton and Kaleb Swick). Another really good player mentioned, Cody Thomas, is ready to graduate from Judson University in Elgin, Ill. and has played basketball throughout his college career. FFA was also an interest in my guest’s South days.
Now, his wife grew up in both the Crawfordsville area and Glasgow, Ky. Her father landed a job in Crawfordsville and they were back and forth quite a bit to Kentucky and Indiana. She also lived in New Richmond and Darlington, graduating from North Montgomery, same year (1987) as my South boy. I taught her son, Brayden at CHS. Currently, he is in Colorado Springs in the Army. Her other son, Devin lives with them and as she says, “is looking for his path.”
One of my fella’s best attributes is his hard work, beginning at such a young age, he can’t remember but knows that, “the tractor didn’t run without him.” He worked in Busenbark’s Farm and Mower Shop as a kid, then at Pool’s from 1987 to 1994. Delivering appliances at Town & Country was part of his repertoire, as well as working from 1994 to 2015 at Wal-Mart Pharmacy. Some of these times, he also did other jobs, such as a 14-year-stint delivering Pepsi in the area and Amazon Warehouse distributing in Whitestown. Currently, he loves his job working with DSV putting displays in racking for Home Depot.
She was 18, working at Pool’s (Ace Hardware) when she first met our fellow. They were buddies then and she knew, “He was a really nice guy,” but she had other romantic interests. Years later, they both worked at Walmart. He drove the fork lift and sometimes steered her way. They began texting and he’d come down and help her make boxes.
She spent a great deal of time with her sick mother, and when she passed away, several from their work stopped by the funeral home. Her sister noticed him and hinted that he would be a good one to go out with. When Joe Powers went to the gravesite, too, her sister said, “That’s it! He’s the one,” and suggested Melissa definitely needed to date him. Of course, I’d probably not be writing this article if they hadn’t taken the suggestion.
Speaking of sister, Joe has one, Jami, married to Tim Dugger. He has two nieces and a nephew. Melissa has a sister in New Market, one in Waynetown, one who passed away and a half brother.
Two adorable dogs round-out Joe and Melissa’s family. Layla, a boxer sleeps at the foot of their bed, while Chaney, their Cockapoo sleeps on the head. Luckily, the two pooches are best of friends. Certainly, they keep the Powers’ busy but not so much that they don’t still have time to eat out, watch movies, exercise and go to Panama City, Florida, which they really love to do.
Visiting Kentucky family is another one of their joys, and on every trip it is an absolute must that they go to Chaney’s Dairy. The Chaney family raises Jersey Cows (near Bowling Green) and make their own ice cream, about 20 flavors. “They are all delicious!” Yep, you like me, guessed that their Cockapoo was named for that ice cream they so desire!
Currently, Melissa works out, doing Zumba, riding her bike or running on the trail. They live on Danville Avenue. She works in Patient Care (ICU unit) at the IU Hospital and “absolutely loves it!” Although a tech, she also does some work in phlebotomy.
So happy to have ran into these two and talked ‘em in to letting me interview them. You can probably guess that they were having pizza at the Hut. It was fun reminiscing with Joe and getting to know that adorable wife of his. Thanks for being my Around The County guests this week, kiddos.
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.