The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Paul and Jutta move this and move that to make room for a new body.
The Paper photo by Karen Zach Paul and Jutta move this and move that to make room for a new body.
Recent Around the County guests told me about this couple, and sure am glad they did. He’s a nephew of one of my good friends and she, is just a gem! Besides that, she fed us German cookies, and they were so yum. Now, there is a very good reason why she gave us German treats. That’s because she was born and raised in Guntersblum, Germany.
Our male guest grew-up next door in Parke County, but has spent the majority of his life in Crawfordsville where he has worked 29 years at R.R. Donnelley’s. A 1979 Turkey Run graduate, we had the same English teacher, Ralph Williams, who spent many years teaching at TR. Our guest was also a band member, playing alto sax. I admire him greatly for beginning college at the age of 50. He will soon have a two-year degree with Ivy Tech in Industrial Maintenance, and would love to go on to get his bachelor’s.
As you can probably guess, these two met when he was stationed in Germany while in the Army. They met in a pub, which in Germany, is a meeting place; and that’s just what these two accomplished. He hadn’t joined the service at an early age as many do, but was 23. After completing her schooling, she worked in a large winery, employing 400 people in the office, alone. Since her family had worked in and owned wineries for several generations, she certainly knew a bit about it. One thousand bottles were kept for the family out of the production. As in my Italian family, wine is a drink like water or tea.
Their date nights often included cooking together. He was missing certain dishes from America, especially Biscuits and Gravy. The gal downstairs at her apartment house was American, so she offered to make them some. Although he enjoyed it, she was highly disappointed, not understanding the hype over B&G.
Having grown-up with four younger brothers, she enjoyed the boys ganging-up (in a fun way) on her new-found American. After an evening of Monopoly, the boys would wake-him up in the middle of the night yelling, “Ya’ shouldn’t have sold Park Place!” Always a game lover, one of her all-time favorite evenings, is playing euchre with their next door neighbors, although they hinted that she has subtle ways of table talking, such as groaning or rolling her eyes when she doesn’t have a good hand or doesn’t like trumps. After meeting her, I can just see her doing it!
This week’s couple wanted us to come to their house for “coffee.” Jim nor I drink coffee, so brought our “gallon pops,” as she joked when I walked in the door. It was direct passage to the kitchen where we had “table time.” She explained it’s the activity of having coffee, not about the coffee. “It’s sitting down and enjoying each other, just being happy.” Actually, it’s really good therapy. We had a wonderful time!
When I saw a picture of her German home, I thought it was a castle. Although her mother’s family, the Adloff’s have lived for generations in Guntersblum, her grandfather Thimm came as a refugee. He was sent there to learn the winery business and in the deep years of the war, bought the big house and business from his Jewish boss when that family fled. Her gpa’ used to tell her fun stories about when the Americans came. Chewing gum and chocolate seemed to be given freely, and when the boys would come to aide in taking Germans to settlements, they’d say, “Bring the photo album not the bread. There’s plenty to eat. Don’t leave your life time memories!”
In 1980, my female guest had visited her aunt in Phoenix, USA and absolutely loved it. Moving from Parke to Montgomery County, Indiana is no big deal; however, from Germany to Crawfordsville is. Knowing only her husband, Paul, Jutta Hutson, learned early-on that C’ville is one great place. “I was totally accepted.” She began to work part time at Target. With a Queen’s English command of our language, she did have some trouble, though. For instance, she only knew Long Johns as donuts. Besides that, the young teen boys working at Target thought it was quite funny to teach her certain words if you know what I mean? Others were really helpful. Charles Scruggs told her to call his wife, and she became like a second mother. Someone introduced her to Hubert Danzebrink (can’t get any better)
After moving from their furnished apartment above Bridal Veil & Tux, Jutta said she found three grandma-types on Sloan Street. At age 27, son, Eric was born. She watched a few children when he was young, but when he went into first grade at Hose, she went to work in Hose kitchen (staying 18 years). Currently, she works in the kitchen at the Country Club.
Throughout Eric’s growing-up, he was able to go to Germany several times to be with his grandparents and other family and several have been here. Jutta says, “This is not a big house, but we make room – move this, move that, put another body in.” Certainly, lots of travelling in this family. In fact, Eric was recently in Turkey where he met his fiancé, Esra’s family. Eric has a degree in Spanish with a minor in biology, but it’s the medical field where he is heading.
When I asked this nifty couple if they were in any organizations, she grinned, saying, AARP! Actually, they’re involved in the First Christian Church and love being hosts to the Language Interns at Wabash, beginning back when Eric was in 5th grade. The next trip planned is December when Jutta’s dad turns 80. She stated that she needs contact, and that big happy family will be glad to have the Hutsons (possibly the next-door Hamptons) join them for the celebration. Thanks, you two for making such a fun evening and letting me feature you for this week’s ATC article!
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.