The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Dick and Susan Hampton love the beach, water and sun.
The Paper photo by Karen Zach Dick and Susan Hampton love the beach, water and sun.
Our gal was a labor and delivery nurse and saving aluminum cans for a special purpose. “One of these days, I’m gonna’ buy a boat!” A trusted friend, Carol Sparrow said, “Hey, I know a good guy with a boat!” So, a blind date was arranged, and my two met at the Holiday Inn, then went to Carol’s to play cards. That was in September of 1989 and it was off to elope at Gatlinburg, Tennessee in March. Do your math. It’ll be 27 years in a few weeks! “Together forever!” is their motto.
As their daughters say, “She was the band geek.” That’s okay, though, someone had to do it and a wow job she did at Fountain Central. A farm girl, her mother would leave a list that needed to be done. The oldest, she had a brother and sister to watch out for, as well. Being allowed to only be in one extra curricular activity, she threw her all into drum majoring and playing clarinet in band. She always won first at ISU solo contest and thanks her cousin, Carolyn, for being her accompanist. Their band even got to play at the Old Soldier’s Field in Chicago.
Although they definitely told me that all their daughters’ athletic abilities came from him, imagine there is some on her side, as well. In fact, her parents met bowling and at 81, her mom still bowls twice a week. Her dad was a truck driver, too.
A CHS track man, our fellow this week was a high jumper extraordinaire. He topped-out at 6’8” just shy of the school record. She tells me that he’s a heck of a handyman, too. “If it’s broken, he can fix it!” For a dozen years, he worked at Impex as a tool and dye maker until they were ready to close, then he went to Stalcops at Thorntown and to Alcoa CSI where he will celebrate 25 years this coming August.
These two are still playing cards, especially squeeze the dealer euchre with their wonderful neighbors, Paul and Jutta Hutson. They looked at each other, giggling about Jutta’s habits of coughing or rolling her eyes, but “she doesn’t table talk!” Hopefully, the four are going to Germany in December for Jutta’s father’s 80th birthday – what fun!
In her senior year, our gal knew she was heading to St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, where three years later, she became a diploma RN. Coming up on her 30th year, she spent 9-and-a-half years in OB and 19 at Green Acres. Always loved having her as my nurse there. She recently began a new job, one that puts her at the other end of babydom. She is a Clinical Case Coordinator, a resource person with the Accountable Care Organization with Franciscan Health. We’ve already discussed future possibilities with her regarding our health care.
They have remained active, boating and skiing, Harley-riding and they particularly love the beach, water and sun. With that said, two of their fav vacations were to the Bahamas and cruising with the girls to Cancun. Gulf Shores, Alabama is another place they love to go.
So, are you wondering who these two are? Well, keep pondering! Perhaps telling you about their daughters will give it away. They have two! I had the younger one in class at CHS the semester I taught there. Enjoyed her immensely! For more than two decades the “girls were our lives!” I have no doubt they will always be an extremely close family, as our guests hold the boyfriends in high regard, as well.
Both daughters are CHS graduates. They were involved in basketball, volleyball and track. Hollie is the oldest and is in her last semester at Ivy Tech in Business Administration. She has worked at CELP since 2013. She dog sits, coaches and is a hard worker. Kimberly (Kim) is a freshman at Franklin and runs indoor track. Elementary Ed is her major. She has dated Jordan Jackson for about five years. Still loving the sports, they enjoying watching Kim in track and Jordan in baseball. He is in his senior year at Marian. Hollie met Cole Ruemler, like mom and dad on a blind date (although his sister played with Kim on a travelling team so knew he was a-okay). They enjoy the out of doors. He is a diesel mechanic for MacAllisters in Lafayette. Do believe my guests love those boys equally to their girls.
I have no doubt that at this point anyone having been involved in sports in the last few years, know that my guests are Dick and Susan Hampton. We had such a grand time visiting at PH. Lots of laughs. Always giggle when I’m around Susan.
Now, with their girls mainly away from home, they love to watch movies. “Anything but scary,” they told us. We suggested August Rush for them and they for us: Pitch Perfect, Me Before You and Grater. They’re on order from Netflix! Also, they relish eating out and going wine tasting. Meeting one of his brothers (he has two others and a sister) at Fresh Time in Lafayette, or enjoying Cooper’s Hawk (Indy, their favorite place) and Oliver’s in Bloomington equal fun times for these two. She said she has matured in her wine tasting and now likes the dryer wines. After all, “Red is heart healthy!”
Speaking of healthy, she loves to be outdoors gardening. Yep, the girls make fun of her doing that, too. He kind of rolled his eyes and said, “The pots have to match perfectly!”
These two are such Athenian fans, they still go to all kinds of CHS sports activities. I love seeing their smiley faces when I’m there. Also, they give heavily to MUFFY as they are community-oriented and involved in two special fundraisers, Bras for Cause (Breast Cancer) and Team Mason for Kidney Disease.
Thanks, Hamptons! You two rock and I so appreciate you being my ATC guests this week!