The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Fred and Sally Miles Humphreys, our ATC guests this week
The Paper photo by Karen Zach Fred and Sally Miles Humphreys, our ATC guests this week
Watched him play Warrior basketball as a senior when I was a freshman cheerleader for the Hornets. No laughing, it wasn’t that long ago! Think I’ve always known her. Her dad and mine were pretty good buddies. Her whole family used to come in to the A&W and stuck with us through the whole Zach’s Family Restaurant era, as well. Love her sister and passed brother. Certainly had a great visit with my couple at their lovely home near New Market. Do wish I’d have taken a different angled picture of them but tell me about it later, don’t you look ahead.
One of my favorite stories was how they met. I mean you don’t usually hear of a Turkey Run fellow and a New Market gal getting together. It was in Crawfordsville when he worked for Perry Lewis Ford and she worked across the street at Good Year Tire. Think he was kidding, but maybe not, “Had to ruin my tires and go buy more.” That was on his ’67 black Mustang with black interior. It was the only car he ever ordered. Reminded me of the hub’s ’65 green metallic Super Bee as she said she drove it once and it had such power, there was no controlling it. Had Jim get rid of ours when it took 37 times going back and forth to get out of a parking space at Purdue. (had the last one but someone snuck a tiny car in there, too) and it was a 4-on-the-floor and my arm was toast afterwards. Ahhh, what wonderful guys will do for their women.
Quite a musician, she has played piano for many occasions in the area, even at the Turkey Run Choral fest when she was young. His mother even gave her a program with her name in that aspect. Neat! Currently, she has played piano for the Ladoga Christian Church for 12 years.
He was extremely excited about an upcoming trip this month with his sons. It is the 35th year some of them have been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for snowmobiling. It began many years ago when there were six of them, brothers and wives who went. In fact, his oldest brother went last year at age 86, but had a bit of an accident. Sadly, he’s done with the trips. She went the last time in January 2012. They had never stayed in a particular motel before and they laughed saying, “It’s the pits!” But there weren’t many at that time and it was warm, had hot water, clean beds and a big sink they could use to rebuild their carburetors. This year, she is going to her daughter-in-law’s as she has been on oxygen five years. Actually, she is a pretty amazing lady. Her doctor told her to look at no more than three years with pulmonary hypertension. But, you know, she takes good care of herself with help from that great hubby and she is so looking forward to sleeping in her granddaughter’s room. Quite a reader, my guest says that the kids will read too when Gma’s there.
I actually ran into my gal guest when she was playing cards at Pizza Hut with Marilyn Lewis, who was my guest a couple of weeks ago. This gal loves cards. She plays three times a week, euchre. “When I went to school I had to learn that jack didn’t come after ten!” I can relate! Told her bid euchre is so much more fun, so we’re gonna’ have to go up and teach them how to play.
Regressing a tad, but don’t want to forget this, she learned to play piano from Louise Bruce, whose husband was a professor at Wabash College. In high school band, she played a flute, and as per above, played piano for the choir. She also worked at the family grocery in New Market. He was a 10-year 4-H member, played basketball and loved his horse. Together, they loved to camp and water-ski. Also, they adore their two pups. Didn’t’ see, smell or hear them but knew my nose was running! They have a miniature Daschund and a long-hair Chihuahua.
They were married in the New Market Baptist Church 48 years ago. Both graduated in 1964, you know the places. Both had two siblings, him two brothers, her a brother and sister. As mentioned, he began his auto parts career at Perry Lewis. worked for Morrison Automotive, then owned C’ville Automotive which was where Wal-Greens is now. They moved down a block from 72-88 with their Parts Store, sold it and worked for them until he retired. She worked for their business 16 years and sold real estate for 15. The last part of her working career was at the License branch.
Didn’t know this group existed until I began this column and think they are the third couple from the Montgomery County Pioneer Association I’ve featured. Good folks. He restored a John Deere tractor and loves riding in their various parades and such. They particularly enjoy the fundraisers which are for Montgomery 4-H. Proceeds from ice cream sales at the Strawberry Festival and fish fry at the 4-H fair all go to the group. The group has raised several thousand dollars for 4-H. Junior leaders help with the fish fry. “The club tries to raise awareness of the agriculture influence to young people of today.”
Mitch, their oldest has C’ville Steel Roofs (Humphrey’s Construction). His wife Michelle owns N Print in downtown Crawfordsville. Their oldest, Kinsey is a senior and plays soccer. She set four school records recently. Kendall, their Sophomore is in basketball, soccer, and track. Both are honor students at North Montgomery.
Justin lives in Indianapolis and is a safety engineer with Pepper Construction. Kelley, his wife, is a school teacher. They have Addison age 10 (loves dance competitions) and a football, basketball, dirt bike racing, Miles.
Sure want to thank Fred and Sally Miles Humphreys, our ATC guests this week.