Photo illustration by Dane BaldwinDr. Scheidler in fron of his store in downtown C'ville.
Photo illustration by Dane Baldwin

Dr. Scheidler in fron of his store in downtown C'ville.
Not many enjoy a trip to any type of doctor, even when just getting an eye exam. Me? I love it! My eye doctor and I always have a grand time hasslin' each other. In fact, he made me understand that he's a private person but okayed an interview for this article simply because he likes me. We had fun talking at the Bowery while discovering some fun facts about each other, and after reading about him, I know you'll all agree with me that Dr. Michael Paul Scheidler is a plus for the subject of this article!

Certainly one of the fun facts about the good doctor is that he grew-up in a family of nine children, all from the same parents, who were both teachers. Each of the nine is a profession of some sort, most in the medical field. I even go to one of his brothers every five years for a check-up.

Michael, the middle Scheidler, was born and raised in Decatur. During high school, he was a member of the scholastic bowl team, and played basketball and tennis. As a sophomore at Bellmont High, Dr. Scheidler had some eye issues and got interested in the physiology of the body and what makes it tick. His eye doctor was fresh out of college and spent time explaining the aspects of the eye. From then on, Michael knew his calling!

During his high school days, he helped his dad, Latin teacher in winter, and house painter in summer. One of his average-height dad's favorite jokes was regarding how his boys got so tall. He remarked that it was because he painted the lower parts of the houses while the boys had to reach and reach and as a result, they grew in accordance.

College days were spent at Marian where Michael majored in biology and minored in chemistry. His Doctorate of Optometry was earned from Indiana University. During those years he often played intramural sports (basketball, volleyball) and did some tutoring. Mostly, he studied!

After graduating, his first job in his field was with Ossip Optometry, now a large firm, then just beginning to take-off. In August of 2007, Dr. Scheidler "took-out a whopping big loan," and purchased Ossip's first satellite practice, which of course was Dr. Phil Grush's former practice here in C'ville. Sugar Creek Eyecare was chosen as the name because Sugar Creek was a place he loved as a child while visiting Turkey Run. Plus, the name encompasses all of the sections of Montgomery County. He surely appreciated Dr. Grush sticking around helping out part time. As of now, you can check back next week to read about Phil Grush. In 2005, Dr. Greg Peitz came to work for Dr. Scheidler and continues today sharing in the ever-growing business.

Now comes the good part! A friend and patient of Michael's thought that he needed a mate. Mary Coudret's sister-in-law felt the same about her. These two got Mary and Michael together. In a huge blizzard, the Scheidlers were married, the Jan. 2, 1999. With a smile on his face, Michael told me, "Mary is a great wife and mom!" Three wonderful young folks, Patrick, Jane and Megan bless their home.

Besides many community involvements (Montgomery County Boys & Girls Club and Volunteer for Mental Health boards, St. Bernard's Church, Knights of Columbus, Rotary Club), he recently restored his historic downtown building. Dr. S. has coached his sons and daughters basketball teams. He enjoys spending time with his family hiking, biking, playing basketball and tennis, and watching the girls dance. He loves taking trips with his family and enjoys an old family game I'd never heard of, called Carrom, where you flick rings into net pockets. In other words, he's a busy man!

Mike Scheidler's favorite quote (motto of the American Optometry Society) is "Next to life itself, God's greatest gift to man(kind) is vision and to the service of that vision we sincerely and faithfully dedicate ourselves!" My vision for you, Dr. S. is that you will continue to have a fabulous practice, carry on being a wonderful husband and father, and that your future will be remarkable. Certainly, I so appreciate ya' hangin-out with me (and grandson Dane) long enough to have an interview for this week's Around the County!