Brian and Leslie Pyle
Brian and Leslie Pyle
There is no way I could feature one of this week's couple without the other. Although they've only been married 14 years, they just go together like salad and dressing; cheesecake and blueberries; even peanuts and beer, maybe. Definitely, when I think of Leslie, I think of Brian or if I see Brian, I'm wondering about Leslie. The Pyles are certainly a nifty duo, in marriage and in business.

Brian and Leslie met at a social event in town, later went to Las Vegas for a traditional wedding and honeymoon, wanted children right away and six weeks thereafter Evan was made. Evan at age 13, loves tennis. Sister Eden plays softball and the youngest has been in gymnastics but is presently interested in pestering her older siblings (kidding Emma!).

Brian, a Crawfordsville High School graduate, was active in tennis plus watching other sports, but mainly he worked at J.C. Penney while in school. Leslie graduated from North where she enjoyed the Sunshine Society and Spanish Club. She, too, worked part time, even for us at Zach's Family Restaurant, then for Donnelley's. Brian, some of you may remember, owned and operated Kenney's Shoe Store for several years and worked at Schloot's. During their transition after Tom's passing, Leslie really needed help with her quickly multiplying realty business and so Brian joined her. He has been with Remax seven years, Leslie double that, plus one. They purchased Remax in 2011 and received the Broker/Owner of the year award for Indiana in 2012. His business management degree from Indiana Business College aids immensely in the realty business.

Now you know how Brian got into realty, so let's hear from Leslie. I so love this story! When she was a senior in high school, she was in an accident and broke her leg, took a cash settlement using part of it for tuition to Purdue (graduating in organizational leadership) but used the other part to buy an apartment house. When she sold it, she made $27,000 more than her purchase price. She said that's what convinced her to become a realtor but she's never made that much on a house since, she laughed.

They both giggled, as did I, at funny happenings in the business. Once, Leslie showed the wrong house, and woke the owner up as she paraded the potential buyers into the bedroom. Another time, when Leslie took another couple into a home, a guy was sitting on the couch smoking a joint. He was polite enough in offering Leslie one, but obviously, she declined. Definitely an 'Oh My Gosh'moment! Both my subjects noted that a good attitude and hard work is what is needed to succeed. Brian began working at age eight as a paper boy, while Leslie began detasseling corn at age 13. They enjoy finding the perfect house for people. There's nothing better than matching someone with a house.

"Besides their spouse and children, there's nothing as close to their heart," Leslie told me. Great philosophy!

There are many aspects in the realty business. When showing homes, they use consulting skills, and marketing skills when listing a home. Leslie was excited about the future of realty, because foreclosures are down and houses are selling. Both Pyles are super excited about remodeling a downtown building. Remax will be moving from the 309 E. Main location that has been the office since 1991 to 302 E. Market (Enterprise Building). Remax will have a nice chunk of the building but there are other long time tenants, plus two offices still for rent.

Fairly active in the community, Brian serves as the President of Montgomery County Cultural Foundation while Leslie helped with downtown revitalization (served on the Planning Committee). They're very involved with the kids' activities. They love to travel with family, especially to the Bahamas, Florida or anywhere with a beach. Leslie travels to a lot of conventions and especially loves the Las Vegas Remax ones. Brian enjoys going to professional baseball games and has been to see most of the nearby ones.

As it seems like always happens, we discussed family a bit. I enjoyed hearing that one of Leslie's great grandfathers helped with the mining of Mammoth Cave, and Brian urged me to discover his relationship to Ernie Pyle, the famous war correspondent. I'll get on that, Brian and in the meantime, thanks muches for letting me interview you two for this week's Around The County! It was a joy hanging out with you and being able to share a little about your interesting lives.