Born in Brazil (Indiana, that is) Bonnie Yund is a Crawfordsvillian in every fiber and well-deserving of this week's Around the County feature. Her first memory of Crawfordsville is when she was four, riding her trike on the corner of Washington and Jefferson. Wabash College students would go by and talk to her. As she grew up, almost daily, she and friends would stop by Kostanzer Drug Store for a hot fudge sundae and a flavored coke. Although Bonnie loved that place, she licked her lips and noted, "Yum!" when she told me about Maple Hurst coming to town.

I've known Bonnie since her adorable Amy and my darling Suzie began kindergarten together and were best friends from day one, and Bonnie remains one of my favorite people today. So much talent! If you've seen Bonnie perform, you know what I mean. Both of us giggling, Bonnie even entertained me during the interview with tales of Crawfordsville High School and Principal Louis Darst (King Louie). She loves the times we grew-up in, with two parents, mom home with a snack ready and the knowledge that we were loved. She felt her class received an exceptional education with a large percentage going on to advanced degrees. She was especially proud of her graduating class for that reason and that they are all good people, making their mark.

Besides entertaining, including being in dozens of community theater productions, Bonnie loves antiques and her Psi Iota Xi group and of course, she finds ways to amuse them, as well. Bonnie is definitely a joiner, being (or having been at one time) an active member in many organizations, such as Flower Lovers Club, Scouts, Strawberry Fest, and anything her kids were involved in.

Speaking of family, Bonnie has three very talented kids (Kris, Ray and Amy) and three blended family ones (LeAnne, Beth and David). Bonnie and her awesome hubby, Ron get to enjoy 17 grandchildren, all but two living in Montgomery County. They enjoy watching them in their endeavors.

Now, to the good stuff! Miss Bonnie began entertaining audiences at the young age of nine and doing professional stand-up comedy at 15. In high school she was active in shows and musicals, has been involved in the Vanity Theater for 32 years, not only having been in over 35 productions but also on the board and directing as well as many other capacities. Along with that, she MC'd a live television telethon as well as the Christmas Parade and radio programs. Many of you may remember her as the adorable Strawberry Shortcake running around the Strawberry Festival for several years. TV commercials, the Myers Dinner Theater are all part of Bonnie's world but the best element of her entertainment is that she makes people laugh. She says, "Research has proven that laughing makes people healthier!"

Bonnie has attended one church, First Christian, all her life and serves the congregation in various ways. Her paying jobs have been working as a sales rep for the Montgomery Magazine for ten years. I loved seeing her smiley face each month or so in that publication. She sold real estate for five years and worked in Customer Service for RR Donnelley's. How she ever found time to work is beyond me as she so loves to be involved. She thanks her dad and mom for her amazing work ethic. Her eyes brighten when she talks about them and I hope to do a feature article or one for the Montgomery Memories about her father Ray being involved in so many awesome things as a Civil Engineer/Surveyor, plus Bonnie's daughter, Amy (who I'm hoping will be featured in this article soon) is a surveyor too, keeping it in the family.

For fun, Bonnie enjoys tennis, swimming and being outside, especially when her family is around. "It's all about love!" was my favorite quote from Bonnie. Truly, Bonnie radiates love and I can't imagine anyone in their right mind wouldn't adore Bonnie. She's truly someone to be admired. I sure do, and I hope you enjoyed reading about this sweet little lady in this week's ATC!