Photo providedCharlie White is a man of passions.
Photo provided

Charlie White is a man of passions.
"He never sits on his fanny and does nothing." That is my favorite quote from Charlie White's wife, Nancy. It perfectly describes Charlie's life. In fact, Charlie just retired January first at age 78 from his second career.

While he was in the Army for two years, Charlie and Nancy lived in Arizona. The picture here shows Sgt. Charles White handing-out a cigar at the birth of their son. One story from their life out West was that they went to see a bull fight in Nogales. They both agreed it was definitely the last they'd see. Certainly not their type of competition as the bull had no chance. Other sports, however, have been enjoyable to Charlie, starting in seventh grade when he built his own soap box derby car.

In fact, this is how I met Charlie - when his soap-box car picture was in the May Montgomery Memories and we began to discuss the soap box scene. His first attempt was made with poultry-netting covered with paper mache'. The next year he again went to Indianapolis (White River Parkway), this time with a masonite-built car. He won a heat, got Wilbur Shaw to autograph his helmet and went home happy! In fact, the helmet and other racing items are currently on display at the Crawfordsville District Public Library on the second floor in the reference department.

To say the least, Charlie White's love of mechanics never subsided. Trade school in Chicago and several years in the television repair business, after which he spent 30 years at R.R. Donnelleys proved his expertise. Upon retirement from RRD at age 62, he was immediately bored and heard of a job at Tipmont REMC which is from where he recently retired. Nancy, in all this, was raising their two children, working at North Montgomery and spent 26 years in the Linden bank. Both noted that it's very important to get involved in your family member's activities. They said, "Enjoy your children and grandchildren because they grow-up way too fast!"

Charlie lived that advice before, during and after the children. Coaching baseball early on, he remembered my brothers, the Waveland Bazzani twins playing baseball against his Linden teams. Helping his son build a much smaller car, a Scout Pinewood Derby one, and constructing football equipment for north area schools were other activities Charlie enjoyed.

The Linden Methodist Church is one of the White's true loves where Charlie was instrumental in the building of the new church in 1988 and the youth addition four years ago. Charlie just finished his 16th and last year on the Linden Library Board and again worked diligently on the wonderful addition there.

When I asked if Charlie worked in any other community aspects, Nancy made me giggle when she remarked that for many years, he was knee-deep in the Linden Fish Fry!

This sweet couple has been married over 50 years, their children (son Chuck and his wife, Carolyn plus daughter Rebecca and her husband, Jerry Servies) gave them a wonderful Golden Wedding Anniversary party six years ago. Five granddaughters and a grandson, along with their new great granddaughter round-out the family. Luckily, Nancy lives in the area and Chuck not far away but the grandchildren are another story. Strung-out in several states, the minus for Charlie and Nancy is that they don't live closer to them, but the plus is the Whites have multiple vacation spots. Amen to that, Charlie, and thanks so much for being this week's subject for, "Around the County!"