The Paper photo by Karen ZachScott Busenbark is well known around Montgomery County.
The Paper photo by Karen Zach

Scott Busenbark is well known around Montgomery County.
Although I've known this week's subject since he was a toddler, we only in the last few years became buddies - historical pals, actually. I love talking to Scott Busenbark about history, especially when discussing Waveland, our home town or the Civil War. I nabbed Scott at a baseball game recently and am so happy he consented to share his story with you today.

It seems being a career fireman was a natural for Scott as he followed in his father Paul's footsteps by serving on the Waveland Volunteer Fire Department. Besides that, mom, Chris was an EMT and Grandpa Busenbark was on the S&W board, so, he too, was a volunteer service man Scott began on the Waveland FD at the young age of 16, with special permission from the state. Amazingly, when he was just a junior in high school, he knew his calling.

Graduating from Southmont in 1986, he played baseball in his early years and was active in FFA, but mostly he just enjoyed learning and doing fire fighting. During high school and immediately after, Scott did work at the Waveland Elevator, and Clements Canoes. Otherwise, he has been on the Crawfordsville Fire Department for his adult life. In fact, the Busenbarks have lived in C'ville for 26 years. Scott is not only a fireman but is a state certified fire instructor and enjoys teaching these classes.

Scott's wife, Lisa, is a lovely young woman. Lisa works at Nucor in the cold mill, doing various office duties. Although a Bainbridge gal, Lisa found her way to the Something Pizza Place in Waveland and not only got a delicious pizza but one great guy, too. Complimenting this fabulous couple are equally nifty boys, Nathaniel, Dawson and Payton. All three of these young men have family-names, Payton being in honor of ancestor, John Payton, who came to Montgomery County in 1828. Nathaniel is a great historical writer, who has had one article published in the Montgomery Memories and hopefully will contribute more. If ya' see him, encourage him to do some more writing for us.

Scott's grandfather Anderson was a minister and Scott has grown-up knowing right from wrong, good from bad. He practices this daily and he and his family are active members of Rock Point Church. Being active is part of what Scott is all about. His interests in the Civil War Preservation Trust, and Sons of Confederate Veterans are naturals for Scott since his true love is the Civil War. A huge filing cabinet is filled with historical goodies Scott has researched and he is an exceptional speaker on the Civil War era in Montgomery County. If you need a speaker at any time, I'd strongly suggest his presentation!

Fishing, hunting and watching the boys play baseball, soccer and other sports are some of Scott's other hobbies. He is looking forward to being a Lew Wallace Study board member and aiding the Authentic Campaigner Community at Kennesaw Mt. National Battlefield Park as they interpret Montgomery County's Company H, 40th Indiana Infantry as their next summer's live Civil War presentation. This will take place June 27-29, 2014, and be the recreation of Co. H's assault on Cheatham's Hill. The men will be dressed in authentic clothing and will be recreated in not only dress and appearance, but attitude as well. Scott will be portraying a 2nd Sgt. I'm hoping to check that out on a vacation - consider that, too if you're interested in the Civil War. Scott noted, "We are also raising money for Kennesaw National Battlefield. It will go towards historic preservation there. This is one way, among many, that we are different from regular Civil War re-enactors."

In wrapping this up, I'd like to say that I so appreciate the police, firemen, medical workers and other service folks, and Scott ranks up one above since he loves history! So, thanks Scott very much for letting me feature your wonderful ideas, family, interests and occupation in this week's Around The County.