Kurt and Carol Homann amaze me! The energy that abounds with these two is never short of a powerful force that generates continual positive determination. Whether they are raising a child (son Clayton) or singing at church, running a meeting or acting in a play or simply fixing a meal, each does their share with total enthusiasm. I literally love watching these two. Speaking of which, I recently saw them in "You Can't Take It With You" at the Vanity Theater and I laughed so hard that they probably wished I'd not been in the front row as I was. Of course, it's not the first I'd seen Carol and Kurt perform as I have watched them for years and there's no other word for any of their public presentations except amazing! Simply amazing!

I first met Kurt when he was prosecutor on a DUI case. After the trial, I was completely impressed that he called me and asked questions about the case and how his prosecution tactics were presented to the jury. It was about the same time that I met Carol when she brought Clayton in to story hour back when I was the Childrens' Librarian at CDPL. He was adorable and Carol was so excited to give him an opportunity for that type of learning and camaraderie with the other 'lil ones. Besides being marvelous actors, fabulous at their jobs, Kurt and Carol are amazing parents, as well. Excitedly, they are looking forward to becoming grandparents in the near future.

Now, one of the niftiest learning presentations I've ever seen was Carol's Dirty Girty when she taught students various safety tips regarding health. She served as president of the Indiana Association of School Nurses more than once and retired after 32 years as the Crawfordsville High School Nurse. She received her Bachelors in Health Occupation at IU-PUI and RN at Purdue where she also did her masters. While at CHS, she was the swim coach for years tallying several state champions with some exceptional swimmers she learned to know and love. In regards to her career she says, "I was so immersed in the lives of the students and their families that it was truly a meaningful and rewarding experience."

Kurt and Carol's relationship goes a long way back, meeting while they were in grade school and dating in high school at Carmel. Carol was a top-notch swimmer and Kurt in football. Although he was "60"in the program, Carol smilingly noted that, "He was Number 1 in my heart!" Acting was also in the Homann repertoire even back in those days. Quite musically inclined as many of the readers will know, Kurt was in band and both were in a Madrigal choir group. Kurt received his undergraduate degree at Wabash College. Loving Crawfordsville as we all do, after receiving his law degree at IU, and marrying the gal of his dreams, the newlyweds began life together here and remain as active Crawfordsvillians today. Both have been involved with the Montgomery County Historical Society, Kurt as past president. Several times, the community enjoyed them as Governor James Atwell Mount and his wife, Catherine Boyd, as well as other historical local figures, including Mrs. Lane during the fourth grade Pioneer Days when Carol taught them about what it was like to do medicine in the Civil War days. Active in the sunshine chorus for quite some time, Carol is the current president of P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization). Kurt was on the board of the local Red Cross and served as president for quite some time. During his years as treasurer when Katrina hit, he told me that, "The support was overwhelming in the community." About every business had containers to gather money for the victims and within ten days, just the local chapter had collected $100,000. The hardest to count was a huge water jar where he and Carol had to dig-out the bills with a hanger. I found that amazing.

Church is another of the Homann's passions. Carol has been Choir mother for 19 years, going back to when Clayton was in choir at the Christ Church Cathedral on Monument Circle. Kurt has a commissioned spot with one of his exciting moments being when he got to sing in Washington DC at the National Cathedral during Indiana day.

Although this brings us to the close of this article, I'm completely convinced that this nifty couple will continue to amaze us all. Certainly, I thank you two for letting me use you as this week's subject in Around the County!

Karen Zach is an author, a columnist and she edits Montgomery Memories, a monthly magazine published by The Paper. Watch for it Friday!