As a young reporter, Joe Boswell met his dream girl, Phyllis Powell, when he was called in to take pictures of her second grade class (at Hoover) launching rockets. Not only Phyllis and Joe clicked but her class liked him so much that her students gave them a going-together party. The Boswells tied the knot in March of 1972 and are not only still smitten but still taking pictures!

Joe grew-up in neighboring Greencastle, graduating in 1969 from GHS where he was active in sports, shop class and working part time at the Banner-Graphic newspaper. He went to National Guard training after graduation and upon returning from basic, went back to work at the Banner where someone put a cheap 35 mm camera in his hand. That began his passion with photography, a fervor still alive today.

Fate came in a man named Frank Puckett who left the Banner to work for the Journal. After a quick phone call, Joe soon found himself as a C'villian. How could he not love our fair city when one of his first assignments was to cover the last county tourney? One of Joe's more exciting newspaper ventures came about when he, Pat Cline and Dick Robinson came-up with the idea of the Montgomery Magazine which became an Award Winning historical publication. Early on, this group used Joe's basement on Water Street to put the magazine together and distribute it. Here is where Joe had his own studio, Photo Fashions for several years where he took family and senior pictures, anniversary and even beginning in 1986 (when Joe began work at Horner's) he still took RR Donnelley anniversary photos on weekends for many years. Joe notes that the Horner family has been a joy to work with for over 25 years.

Joe and Phyllis were forerunners in creating what became Crawfordsville's Area Softball Association. Many were involved such as Marvin Burkett who loaned them tractors to build the fields. Joe played on the Journal-Review team, one of 60 men's teams in the Amateur Softball Commission. There were 30 women's teams at that time. Often 60 plus teams would be there for a tourney. One weekend 65 teams were in town and the diamonds flooded . After hours of work, only one of the three diamonds could be used. Phyllis made many phone calls readjusting schedules and Joe said they were literally playing everywhere - schools, St. Bernards and his backyard (kidding)! By Sunday, they added #2 to #3 but diamond one remained too watery. Lots of folks pitched-in and the tourney was great!

Joe's children, T.J. and Carrie grew-up on the fields and both love the sport today. T.J. spent a multitude of hours on the mower keeping the grounds beautiful and ready for this? Brian Saunders, Joe's son-in-law, even proposed to Carrie on one of the diamonds. Carrie and T.J. are both CHS graduates and while Carrie and Brian live here with their three adorable children (Cali, Cameron and Christen) where Brian is a pastor at Rock Point, T.J. lives in Tampa, Florida where he works for Jon-Don. He and wife, Nicole, have the newest Boswell, Pheobe.

Joe and Phyllis are big sports fans, especially following the Colts and on Joe's Bucket List is a plan to go on his motorcycle to see the Yankees play in the new stadium. He'd also love to go to South Dakota to film the Black Hills.

As far as picture-taking goes, Joe's main influx today is at his grandchildren's events. He recently took over 900 pictures at one such event but only published 115 of them as he says, "They have to be good enough to be seen by the public." Although Joe doesn't particularly take anyone but his grandkids, if they are with others or he takes the team's picture they can be found and downloaded free at but (from KZ - do remember to thank Joe properly if you use them) .

Joe's one concern regarding pictures in the future is that with all the technology changing so fast that hold-in-the-hand pictures won't exist. He told me that, "Pictures need to be held, need to be seen!" Amen, Joe! Make scrapbooks or put those photos in albums and mark who they are for future reference, don't just flop 'em on Facebook and the like.

That said, back to Joe - I enjoyed talking with him and want to conclude this article with a quote that sums-up Joe's philosophy on his life. "Had I not come to Crawfordsville, I'd not have had these wonderful opportunities. Crawfordsville has been very good to us!" And, Joe, we're lucky to have you and thanks so much for letting me feature you as this week's subject in "Around the County!"