One of the movers and shakers of our community is Dale Petrie, who has been president of the Crawfordsville School Board since 1997.

Dale loves heading-up the school board, as it allows him to see the inner-working of the county offices in regards to how taxes are distributed. That's not, however, Dale's only participation in the C'ville area.

For one matter, he has labored on the Strawberry Festival for 20 years in the children's area and one of the highlights in regards to his work on the Lew Wallace Board was to meet with Laura Bush at the White House.

The Park Board is another activity and serving as an elder and treasurer in the First Christian Church tallies on his volunteer work, as well.

It is obvious that Dale has always been a mover-shaker, as during Dale's high school years at Manual, he was involved in baseball, basketball and football. His junior year, he served as class president, and was the student council president another year. Choir and class plays were also his forte.

Quite a talented man!

His venture into Atheniandom began with his Wabash College years where he played baseball, served as treasurer of the student center and was a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity. Immediately after graduation, he started his vocation at Sommer Metalcraft. Thirty-seven years later, he is their Product Development Manager and feels that it is a great place to work because it's a family-oriented, long-standing business.

On a personal level, he and wife, Linda, met in second grade where they shared the same work table. They began dating in seventh grade, went to the proms together, graduated and remained an item even though Linda went to Ball State, quite a distance away.

Today, Linda is an assistant archivist in the Wabash College library where she has worked 25 years. The Petries have two children, Erin who lives in West Chester, Pa., where she is manager for H.H. Gregg and son, Daniel, is a lawyer with Henthorn, Harris & Weliever here in Crawfordsville.

A future event for Dale and Linda will take place in September, the arrival of their first grand baby (via Dale and wife Emily who teaches at Nicholson) who should start school in the Crawfordsville system in about six years! Tandem bicycling is what the Petries love doing for fun and Dale's first item on his Bucket list is to travel across the United States bicycling.

This article is just a minute look at this interesting man, one I had fun interviewing and look forward to watching move and shake for years to come "Around the County!"

Karen Zach's column, Around The County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.