The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Bob and Susie Fearrin met at Hardee’s in the 80s.
The Paper photo by Karen Zach Bob and Susie Fearrin met at Hardee’s in the 80s.
My couple this week met at Hardee’s when she worked there and he and his pals went in to drink coffee. However, it wasn’t but a few months that she brought the group back to Zach’s. I say back to Zach’s because she had worked for us five years during her CHS school days. Second time around was 1987 until we closed in ’96. As per her high school involvement, mainly, she just worked. After all, there was lots of entertainment at the restaurant, someone to hassle or someone hassling her, in a good way, of course. It was a fun place most of the time!
He, on the other hand was quite involved at Thorntown HS, where he was in the group of the last graduates. Sports was definitely his expertise as he played basketball, baseball, cross country and more, from freshmen on up. His family was so involved in the school that his dad was a driver for 26 years and when he passed, his mom drove bus thereafter. They both love sports, whether their kids, grands, friends or anyone they know or have met play. Mainly, though, he enjoys games, especially Colts and Pacers, just sittin’ comfortably in his Lazy-Boy; whereas, she loves going to the games (they had been to the first set of the Classics when I interviewed ‘em but think just my gal was going Saturday night and I heard it was a great game, hope he decided to go anyway). It’s watching and talking to the people she loves, maybe going back to her waitressing days at Zach’s where it was fun to get to know your customers well.
Speaking of knowing the customers, she served three sets of Shavers. Tom, Kenny and Sam. If you read my recent ATC article on Marilyn Lewis, you’ll know that this week’s gal served her and the crew. Loved those folks! We had some good laughs discussing the old days. Decided we probably should have a coney-night Zach’s get-together with all the old employees as she told an hilarious story I’d never heard before. Picture this – Covered Bridge Fest time. You’d not think a restaurant in C’ville would be all that busy, but there were hundreds who felt that was their first stop. So, a lady had ordered Margaret’s delicious biscuits and gravy with an egg on top. When the lady got it, she just sat and stared at it. “Anything wrong?” Ready for her answer. I wasn’t. “Well, the egg isn’t centered.” Love this, and I can so see my ATC guest doing it, too. She picked up the plate, moved it around until the egg was right in the center, sat it back down and said, ‘There ya’ go!”
Although she tried factory work, (Plastene; Coast-to-Coast; Sommers), she’s a people person, so also worked at Mugsy’s and Phillies but has worked in one of the offices at the court house for a long time now. His job, on a whole is pretty great working in the heating/air conditioning field, for a long time with D&R; Cooks; Korshotts in Lafayette, Cox & Pritchett and Duane Meyer, where he will probably retire. Mostly safe, yes, but a couple of times, were pretty scary. Once he found a gunny sack full of marijuana. Whoa. What do you do with that when you’re working on the furnace? Knew he could take it and the owner would say nary a thing or get in trouble, but then again, he didn’t want or hilariously, even know what to do with it. Hmmm, was laughing so hard, can’t remember what he said. I think he left it there.
Another time, he had a key to an apartment, didn’t see any cars around, so figured the people were gone. Walks in, and a man in bed rises up with a gun pointed at my fella. Now, the marijuana wasn’t going to hurt him but a man with a gun pointed his way was a different story. Wait, it’s worse. The man didn’t speak English. Through some sign language it was finally understood that he was there to fix the furnace. Scary. Luckily, he mainly enjoys his job!
They have been married for 25 years. She was a single mom when they met and he loves those kids as much as possible. They adore him, too, especially when they were younger and got in trouble. When he got home first, they knew things would go easier than if momma was there.
Love how this family is so close. Her ex-husband even goes on vacations and comes for holidays with them, so he can also enjoy the kids and grands. Tellin’ ya’ the kids will likely clinch your guess on this one. Son, Chad, a South grad works for the city street department married to Amie (who works for Judge Siamis) and they have Addison who is 11 and goes to Hoover. Daughter Stacey, a CHS grad, who works for Dr. Boyd is married to Andrew Ellsbury, a city police officer and they have one son, Konner, who goes to Nicholson. They love their teachers. Seems to be some well-loved dogs in the family, as well. Daisy; Gracie and Molly.
Andrew and Stacey live near and they say, “She can smell the bacon,” so there she is for a meal. They all text hints, “Mom should make lasagna tonight,” so they’ll all be over to eat. Truly, Bob and Susie Fearrin do not mind at all, that’s what they live for, the kids and “their favorite grandson and favorite granddaughter.”
They love to travel, horse track and casino in Anderson, dozens of trips to Florida, anywhere as long as the family is together! Great time and thanks so much for hanging with the hubs and me at yep, PH for this week’s ATC!