"Momma Ehrlich," otherwise known as Susan Goode Ehrlich, loves taking pictures. Afterwards she uploads the pictures on to the internet for any parents to use for free. I became acquainted with Susan through her picture taking. Our grandson, Dane, is on the Crawfordsville High School varsity baseball team and his brother, AJ, keeps the stats. So, this year, as we got to know the coaches, team members and staff, we also admired "Momma Ehrlich," for her fortitude and perseverance of getting super shots of the team. It's not just baseball, as she tries to go to all the sports affairs to snap the poses. She notes that her father taught her to pay it forward so she said, "I want to give to the community, and taking pictures of kids for those who don't know how to take pictures or don't have the equipment is one way I can do that!" Certainly, Susan is a giver to our area and so I'd like to bestow a bit back to Susan by featuring her in this week's Around the County!

The daughter of Carlos Lee and Sharon Ann Stewart Goode, Susan grew-up in Montgomery County. Two brothers, Phil and Tim and sister, Lee Ann rounded-out her family. A graduate of North Montgomery High School, Susan met her husband, Jeff Ehrlich, when he was attending college and managing a skating rink in Lafayette. Susan had taken a little gal she was babysitting there to roller skate. Susan not only kept an eye on the little gal, but another one on Jeff. So began her life as Susan Goode Ehrlich.

Besides being a fabulous photographer, Susan really desired to go to college to become a nurse.

"Jeff was so supportive. He told me if I wanted to do this for myself, then I needed to!" she said.

Susan put a load of miles on cars going back and forth to school, first obtaining her Associates Degree in Danville, Ill. and then her Bachelor's in nursing through Purdue. She drove back and forth to Indianapolis and Lafayette the first several years after receiving her degree (while raising four kids of her own and managing the dining room at the Country Club), and is now absolutely elated to be working at a new facility here in Crawfordsville that is scheduled for opening on Oct. 1.

This has a three-fold purpose, one to provide apartments for full-time residential living; second for rehabilitative reasons and thirdly, to provide suites for long-term care. One reason Susan is super excited is that she has gotten to help name some of the areas in the new Wellbrooke facility. For instance, one is named Baldwin Center for Russ Baldwin, a local policeman who lost his life in the line of duty. Another is the Sports Center named for Cam Hobson, a 2008 graduate, pitcher of the CHS state winning team and who now pitches for the Mariners farm system. Another area is named for Joe Allen, astronaut from Crawfordsville. Wellbrooke is behind the hospital and will have 100 beds and employ well over 100 folks. Certainly, Wellbrooke will be a plus to our community, both in the naming of the rooms and the boost in employment.

I mentioned that Susan and Jeff have four children. Jeff, Vice President of Tri-County Bank, has coached the kids in soccer for many years. Now that they are almost all gone from home, he took schooling to get his referee's license. He can now ref soccer games from the little guys up through college. Son A.J. graduated from Crawfordsville in 2010 and is now attending Hanover where he will be a senior and is their main baseball pitcher. Son Alex is also a Crawfordsville grad from 2012 and is at IU in pre-med. Jack graduated with the 2013 class and is attending ISU this fall, studying nursing like his mother and Jenna is a sophomore at Crawfordsville.

Susan has always loved taking pictures. She wanted pictures of her own children's events. Even back in the pre-memory card days, she would make pictures for parents, but in the last few years, it has become her fun and fame to share them via her internet site.

"I don't claim to be a pro," said Susan but her pictures are amazing. She greatly admires Joe Boswell who has recently done the same in sharing his photos.

"I have over 30,000 sports pictures I've taken in the last few years," Susan told me. Tennis is definitely the hardest to take because of the constant moving and the fences, yet she can still be seen on the tennis court snapping away. Thanks, Susan!

I laughed when I asked her if she had other hobbies and her answer was, "This is my hobby - I'm gone every night!" It was in 2010, with son AJ's group, that she became dubbed as "Momma Ehrlich." She was given that title by "her boys" and feels like a queen when she hears it. Singing praises of CHS baseball coach, John Froedge, she noted that he is an amazing man who teaches his boys world attributes that every child needs. When he invited her into the dug-out, she said her picture taking really took-off because she had a clear-shot! "We have amazing kids in Montgomery County," Susan noted.

Although about as happy as one can get with life, when I asked Susan if she had a bucket list, she did note that she'd like to do some traveling. She has cousins in France and would really love to go see their little one. Also, she desires to go out west with her camera and husband to take pictures of the beautiful scenery! Getting in great physical shape is important, too, and she has recently been running six or so miles per week to start some training. So, since Susan's one big goal in life is to "give back to the community," I again, felt that this is one way of showing her some support. Thanks Susan Goode Ehrlich for being in my spotlight this week for Around the County!