The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Fathers knew best - they got this couple together 46 years ago.
The Paper photo by Karen Zach Fathers knew best - they got this couple together 46 years ago.
Hmmmmm! This might be a first in my interviewing. At least I don’t remember such fast workers in a relationship. Engaged in seven weeks and married in five months and they seem just as happy today as those decades ago when a junior and sophomore in college.
They both grew-up on farms and their parents knew each other through the National Starch Company. In fact, she knew his father before she met him. So, when her parents went to a farming affair at his folks’, the poppas decided these two would make the perfect pair. Obviously, “father knows best,” as these two have happily been together for 46 years. I’m not joking at all when I say they revel in each other. I have a guess why. Tell ya’ later.
This was the first time I’d officially met him but known her since school. Just loved her whole family. We were in band together and twirlers. She played the flute and was active in Rainbow, 4-H, and youth group. Elementary Education was her major at Purdue and although she worked some in the public schools, she much preferred staying home with her two and helping him with his business.
A Clinton Prairie graduate, he was active in district and state level of FFA, NHS, band, choir and some sports. Purdue was of course his choice, as well, where he was again active in the agricultural world. He graduated in Ag Econ. I was interested to learn that only 5 percent of the PU Ag graduates go back to the farm.
After marriage, they moved to Auburn where he worked for the USDA. He also did soy bean research in the Kokomo area, living in Sharpsville a couple of years. The family decided it would be better to be close to the grandparents’ for their son and daughter, so they went to New Ross where they bought a business and ran that for several years. This is funny. The couple I interviewed last week was telling me about their business and buying it from such dear people. When I inquired about who, they told me the couple might not want me to put that in so I didn’t press. Well, it turns out the dear people are my guests today and I had no idea. In reference to last week’s couple: “We love Butch like a son. We are so proud of those two!” So, perhaps you have the big hint already but if you don’t know both sets have owned that business in New Ross, then the big surprise of who the guests are still has ya’ going! Hope so, ‘cause they are worth waiting for!
There are many interests in their lives, one is yard work and she reads everything. She also likes sewing, particularly quilting. He loves his job. Although he had his own business for many years, he now enjoys working at F.C. Tucker. “There are just less worries. Don’t have to dwell on so many minute details, even if the door is locked or unlocked.” Seems several thought he retired when he did sell his business, but he said, “I’m not ready for that -- I love it!”
Particularly, he enjoys working with young people. Wife said, “He won’t let them get over their heads.” Sometimes it costs a sale, but he doesn’t want people buying something they cannot afford. Ninety-percent of his sales are on referrals and he loves the camaraderie. Asking me if Dane, our grandson dated the Schueren girl, and I said yes. He told me that he stays close to many of his customers. He is a lot of fun and he thought it was hilarious when he put the Schueren’s Ohio State Flag upside down once.
He began mostly selling farms putting that degree to good use, but it easily rolled into houses. She helped him in his business for quite awhile but has had cancer twice, breast and lung. Now, do you understand why he’d be happy to see that smiling face? It is beautiful, indeed. You can tell they love each other and God as well. “We had such great support from our church members.” Then, I just about cried: “I’m not afraid of where I’m going anyway!” she told me with that smile.
Well, when I tell you William Howard is Rusty then you should figure out that famous Montgomery County realtor – last name, Carter. His dear wife is Kathy and they have two great children, Jeff who is a 5th grade teacher in Carmel who also tutors and teaches Karate. When he was young, his principal told him he needed something else besides school so Karate classes aided him in a side career.
Daughter Kim (Wabash College) is married to the director of MUFFY, David Johnson. When they had daughter, Paige, eight years ago, Kim wanted Kathy to watch her a couple of days a week. Rusty asked Kathy if she wanted anyone else to watch their granddaughter. Answer: No, so, Kathy has her all the time and they said (and I have no doubt) that it’s a “bond unmatched.” Papaw loves her to pieces but if Paige wants anything the answer is: “Anything Grammy says!’
The PU graduates went to the men’s basketball games but heard that the women’s was more fun. Boy, was it! Kim and David decided to go with them and Paige went right along (even before being born). Kathy said it’s like a big family. A lady from Benton County even made Paige a quilt. They even followed them to Cancun but meningitis kept the team in the States. They had a good time anyway.
Various activities, Kiwanis, Circle at Church, working the sound system keep them busy and they love getting together with family on any occasion. “We are blessed. Love being together where there is lots of humor!” We enjoyed that humor, Kathy and Rusty, and I thank you so much for being my guests this week!