The Paper photo by Karen Zach
The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Farzaneh Dargahi, better known to Montgomery Countians as Fafy Boots, is truly one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I'm thinking that same trait is one of the reasons Phil Boots was drawn to this cute, petite, energetic gal. Certainly, anyone who knows Fafy loves her. So, read on to learn additional reasons why I chose Fafy for my article this week.

Fafy grew-up in a tight-knit family of five, having one brother and one sister. Her brother now lives in Tampa, Fla. and sister in California. Her father was a Civil Engineer and mother a stay-at-home mom until the children grew-up then Mom finished her college degree. As Fafy told me, "My parents were my heroes. When I met Phil, he became my hero, too!"

Fafy and Phil met at Milligan College in Johnson City, Tenn., a small Christian college. Both were studying business administration. Fafy always thought she'd get her degree and go back to Iran and join the family, but love prevailed. She grew to love Phil because he was "himself." Add that to nice and funny, then you had the perfect combination. After dating a couple of years and graduating, Phil got drafted. After nine months, he got his orders for Vietnam and they decided to have a quick wedding in Alexandria, Va. before he left. They had a few friends, her mom and brother and about 20 people all together at a reception. The big wedding that was planned had to be cancelled because of his orders. The honeymoon was of course in Indiana to spend some time with the Boots family. As I said, everyone loves Fafy as did Phil's folks and friends and Fafy returned that love full-force!

The next 14 months she spent with her parents, only meeting Phil one time for his R & R. On the Fourth of July, 1971 they got back home again to Indiana, and that's pretty much where they've stayed. Fafy got a job first at Hilton in Indianapolis. Phil then began working in Lafayette at National Homes. It made sense that she worked there, too. That she did, until she quit to raise her children. When Phil's father retired, they came to Crawfordsville to run Boots Brothers Oil Company. Fafy wasn't sure about living in the small town of Crawfordsville after dwelling in huge cities all her life, but it became home and she now loves it. What she said was that no one has ever been mean or said anything bad to her and that has made Crawfordsville, Montgomery County very special!

When their two boys, Brian Kaveh and Kavian Brent, went to Montessori school, Fafy began to know more people. When the boys went to Mt. Zion, she was thrilled with their teachers and school. When they got in the Sugar Creek Swim Club, life really settled in and she became a sports mom. At North Montgomery Brian and Kavian also were involved in other sports - basketball, baseball and tennis, as well as various other activities. Both are North Montgomery grads. With Phil as such a fabulous father and Fafy the ideal mom, the Boots made the All-American team of families, in my book.

Today, Brian works for a hedge fund company in New York and he and wife, Lisa have two girls and a boy. Kavian lives in Chicago with wife Jenny and two boys where he works for U.S. Bank. Both Fafy and Phil look forward to visits with their little ones and Fafy's face lit-up when she told me about the boys and the grands! She also made the comment all mother-in-laws should make, "I adore my daughter-in-laws, and am lucky to have them! Now, I not only have two sons, but two daughters, as well!"

When the kids were gone, Fafy went to work in the office for Phil, and began joining several local clubs that interested her, including Art League, Sugar Creek Players board and the State Woman's Assembly Club which she finds extremely interesting with tours of universities, hospitals and historical places. "It's a great learning experience!" The longest run for a club is with her beloved Delta Theta Tau Sorority, dating back to 1979. The group provides her opportunities to give to the community via scholarships, Strawberry Festival work and many other ways. She said, "I love working with the sorority sisters on community projects and just getting together each month. " She noted that she is truly blessed to know such wonderful gals.

Fafy loves the music, food, poetry and traditions of her homeland. When she cooks a traditional meal her grandchildren always ask for more. So does Phil! Her favorite holiday is Aideh Nooroz, which is the first day of Spring when everything begins anew. It is a big get-together, similar to Christmas with food, baked goods, gifts and family camaraderie. Sounds divine!

A couple of her hobbies are working-out at the gym and gardening. She has thoroughly enjoyed sprucing-up around the stations owned and operated by Boots Brothers and even won an award once for her beautification. Truly, Fafy is a multi-talented gal.

As per her comments on being married for 43 years, she said Phil never, ever complains about anything, is honest and loving. When faced with a problem, he deals with it with high ethics. She said all that makes it easy to love him. Well, Fafy unknowingly described herself as she is so easy to love because of her strong work ethics, honesty, but above all, her sweetness. Thanks Fafy for letting me feature your wonderful, interesting life in this week's Around The County!