The Paper Photo by Karen Zach
Don and Mary Smith’s faith-based love has kept them together 23 years
The Paper Photo by Karen Zach Don and Mary Smith’s faith-based love has kept them together 23 years
New Hope Christian Church brought these two together and they just celebrated their 23rd anniversary. Had such a great time with them, lots of laughs.
In fact, the giggles began when they told the hubs and me about their “romantic” Lobster Sea Cruise in Cancun, Mexico. They had enjoyed a lovely wedding at her parents’ large country home and were looking forward to their time together on their honeymoon.
Well, the boat had hit a bridge the day before so no one was allowed on the top. Everyone was squashed together on the bottom deck. The “cruise” was just up and down a short piece of the Gulf of Mexico. The lobster was fixed on a gas grill and by the time a drunk, obnoxious guy was corralled and they finally got their lobster, it was cold! What a honeymoon as next was a bull fight as they were told not to miss the national sport. Since it is Mexico’s sport, they were used to it but most tourists are not. Kids were crying and many, including our newlyweds left. Just the luck, they dragged the first kill right beside them.
Our young fella began working at age 16 at Saben’s Sonoco. He graduated from North and upon completing his college, began working in Indianapolis at Thomas L. Green’s Industrial Bakery Equipment. That name has changed (Reading Bakery) and his job has (now sells the equipment vs. designing it) but he is now in his 40th year with the company. That says a lot for a person, having had four decades in the same place. He has travelled all over the world, Italy, Argentina, the Philippines, and has spent eleven weeks in Lima, Peru. Unfortunately, he has little time to sightsee. Luckily, he can usually plan his trips around the kids and grands’ activities. Good arrangement, since this is a great deal of their fun!
One trip they particularly remembered together with their two oldest kids was toboggining in Kalamazoo, Michigan. When they took the two younger boys to Disney World, they couldn’t get them interested in anything there, except the Sports Resort where they stayed. I mean, where else can you play football in a hotel?
Also, a North graduate, my gal began her working career with Rusty Carter. She was lucky enough to stay at home while raising all her children. Having worked for a while in the Nicholson School office and still subs there. Currently, she enjoys working at New Hope two days a week.
One item these two have in common is their love for Volkswagens. It is great fun they tell me to go to VW shows. They’ve been to several, but his first 1970 Beetle, was purchased right here in Crawfordsville. He loved that car but didn’t really know how to work on VWs at that time. He bought his son one (if you help me work on it, it’s yours, but since he didn’t, now, it’s dad’s) in Alabama. It is another hoot of a story “trying to get it back home.” Now, if I tell you my gal is not only the proud owner of a yellow bug, she enjoys crafts, cooking and acrylic water painting, I’d probably give my couple away. True, she is my newest Montgomery Magazine writer, with her awesome column, Mary K. in the Kitchen. Also, he is my 2nd cousin, once removed. Assume you have guessed by now, but if not, meet Mary (Virgin) and hubby, Don Smith.
Their Christ-centered love keeps them very involved with church where they were youth sponsors for 20 years at Brown’s Valley Christian and New Hope. She works at the Trinity Mission and they have Bible Study on Wednesday nights. They noted that “Attitude is a choice, make it a good one!” Seems they are excellent at following that rule. In addition, “We are both low maintenance which makes life easier!”
Four children all beginning with a K keeps them busy, Kylene, a CHS graduate, works at Bickford Memory Care (where Mary goes and does crafts once a month). Kylene is married to Dwayne Simpson who farms and they have one son, first grader, Malcom.
Kyle Kessler, a Mountie, farms, raises Angus cattle, works with swine and has a hay bailing business. His wife, Mallory is a business teacher at Southmont. Their four begin with a C: Clayton, 8; Claire, 7; Carter, 5 and Colby 3.
Kaleb Smith, a CHS graduate is a senior at Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee where he is studying Youth Ministry and plays Ultimate Frisbee and Golf. In the summers, he goes on recruiting trips to youth camps. Last year, they were lucky that he was at the Hazlewood Christian Church in Clayton, Indiana.
Konnor Smith, also CHS, is a freshman at Danville Community College and plays Basketball for the Jaguars. He plans to be a special needs teacher. May have to take off and watch as I loved viewing that tall fella’ play for CHS.
Going to the boys’ college games and the grandchildren’s soccer, football, basketball and dance affairs keep Don and Mary extremely busy, but she still finds time to go to Naples, Florida with a couple of high school friends. They even have a theme each time. Shark teeth was one and this year they are going to Leoma Lovegrove’s Bealls, Florida shop. Leoma has beautiful, colorful items and Mary is gung-ho to go! Have fun, kiddo!
Now, she received that gorgeous little yellow bug for a big birthday. She’d like to have daisy wheels for it, but he may be planning a trip, perhaps for their 25th for a land and sea Alaskan cruise. Hopefully, it will turn out a whole lot better than their crazy honeymoon. Do believe I could listen to those two all evening, but until I get that chance, I’ll say thank you so much for hanging out with us at yep, PH, and letting me feature you two great kids in this week’s ATC!