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Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County Guests!
Oh, my, these two didn’t like each other when they first met, but that was 25 years ago and they are absolutely adorable together today. They met at Fuji where she was an operator and he head of maintenance. She called that her machine wasn’t working, then proceeded to tell him what needed to be done to fix it. Obviously, that was his specialty and he didn’t need to be told so he thought she was bossy and sassy. He told her he could handle it, and of course, she thought he was egotistical. “Remember, there’s a fine line between love and hate!” Granted, I only spent a couple of hours with them, but I thought they were both simply amazing and I adore their son, so definitely, they’re good and were indeed leaving on an anniversary trip just a day or two after we met, so yep, it’s working!
In fact, they were leaving for their 23rd anniversary trip. They said they’d always shared with the kids but it was now just going to be the two of ‘em – good luck you two! Their favorite things to do are always family-oriented, though, like cookouts and the vacations! They were married on the 4th of July and he said, “Well, it’s been fireworks ever since,” whether I remember or not! He says she’s heat and fire, but he loves it even though it annoys him! He does say that he’s about to get her under control (that with a laugh under his breath and one huge grin on his face)!
She’s never been super excited about book learning but graduated from Crawfordsville High School, where she said she was not involved in anything. “I just wanted to get out.” She is street smart, however. Now, he graduated from Arkoma, Oklahoma High School and is “the typical nerd!” He even received a partial scholarship to MIT but didn’t go there as he couldn’t see having that much debt afterwards and thus graduated debt-free from West Arkansas Community College. He went to work at Walmart Photo as an electronic technician, being in Tipton, GA, Tennessee and then to Indiana where he met this gal whom he says, “Was as cute as can be which helped with her fireyness!” Okay, think I made up that word but basically he thought her sassiness was a specialty!
He was married before and, “Had my bonus kids” she says. Oddly, they say even the bonus kids are like the two of them, Kody the spitting image of him, Kohl like her and then their two, Levi is like him and Emma like her. Kody is in the Army in Florida; Kohl just graduated college in Texas. Levi you actually just read about recently in ATC, lives in Darlington, is married, father of two, works for Spear Pools with his dad and the Curran family owns the Sweet & Salty Ice Cream shop. I love that place, especially the Peach Smoothie. Their youngest, daughter Emma just graduated from CHS.
So, where has their lives taken them since working together at Fuji? A bit of here and a bit of there, really, but mainly right here in Montgomery County. She worked for All-State Insurance early on, managed the Athena Gym, was a personal trainer for a half decade and is currently back with insurance and of course the restaurant business. When Fuji was moving, they really didn’t want to yet were kind of forced to, but he was approached by the owner of Spear Corporation (Erick worked with his sister) of what was then a young company but what has grown into possibly the largest commercial swimming pool firm around from one that just took care of town water systems. He laughed, “She’s the water baby, but I build the swimming pools!”
For fun, Katina loves to work on her health (she doesn’t even eat ice cream although they own an ice cream place, but he loves pineapple shakes and he and Levi went all around to various places sampling, asking questions and planning – it was great “research and development fun”). When I asked them how they got into the business, they both answered, “Levi Scott Curran!” whom they said is a very wise old soul. Plus, they agreed they’d like to open a business. Being in this occupation, they get to meet people, enjoy themselves, hear about peoples’ lives. On the side, he enjoys old cars and riding the cycle. They also enjoy their two acres of land and the home they built “at her folks’ door!”
Fairly sure she was appalled that I agreed the ’50 Model Chevy Pickup was a better choice over a vacation condo. Knowing these two, they’ll accomplish both as they are super hard workers. In fact, he works about 70 hours/week during the summer months but says they keep busy in the winter months as well. One of the most amazing things to me in this mini-job is learning so much and I was in awe with him telling me about getting ready for the Summer Olympics in Omaha, Nebraska for two weeks ahead of time and pumping 2500 gallons of water per minute into the regulation pool.
He grew-up with two older brothers and a younger sister and she had one brother, Mason, semi-famous in our area because of his fight with kidney problems. The names of all four of their kids are all four-letter words. That’s too funny and they didn’t even realize it for quite some time afterwards. She says she has family traits from her dad: stubborn, a bit hot-tempered but a hard worker with a big heart. He’s like his dad – a man with few words who would do anything for his spouse and family, all of which brings us to what their friend, Nancy Martin first told him, “If you can tame her, she’d be perfect for you!” Sure glad it’s working for them and want to thank Erick and Katina for allowing me to share their wonderful story with all of you in ATC!

Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.