Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County Guest
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County Guest
Not sure I’d ever officially met this week’s guest but have been watching her work and we had a fun visit getting to know each other at (my family will faint) McDonald’s. She’s an area girl but her hub’s is from NJ, moving here with a girlfriend (who wanted to return to her beloved Indiana while visiting out there) who became his first wife, then later marrying this week’s guest. She was born at Culver Union Hospital in 1976. Dr. Sam Millis delivering her and her long time doctor she adored was Dr. Baird.
I told her I knew a little about them because of her Facebook page. She thought they were one of the very first on FB. They have one together because there were so few on FB that they didn’t have enough friends to have their own. Now, she says she sometimes has to force him on there to answer specific questions directed to him.
Growing up in New Ross, she went to Walnut Elementary but her first year at Southmont, she became sick and had to stop school altogether due to colon troubles. Versus returning to South, it was decided she’d try Faith Christian Academy. She graduated from there. A go-getter, it was easy for her to forge ahead and even skip a grade, thus graduating just shy of her 17th birthday. “The graduation ceremony wasn’t quite the hoopla South or others have,” but she didn’t really care as she loved every minute of her education.
She met her hubs (Al) when she was working part time for a friend waiting tables in the Jamestown B&B. Although not super excited about working there (figured she could deal with it for a little extra cash) she soon realized she made a lot more money to raise her little family than as a receptionist in the phone company where she’d been working. Now, this story made me laugh so doggone hard because I have been a waitress off and on since I was 13 years old and could certainly relate. Every day her eventual hubs came in since he ran a couple of businesses right next door – a hardware and small engine repair. Assistant manager at this point, no one else would wait on him because he was such a crappy tipper so she was forced to. He’d buy ONE 75 cent beer. Most everyone else would leave a quarter (or more for refills) but he saved his to play pool. She had made the decision when she began working there that she’d never date anyone who came in. It took him a whole year to ask her anyway. Finally he queried whether she’d like to go on a cycle ride with some friends. Sure, why not? They had such a great time they were a pair from then on.
His father had always been in business for himself and although Al was living in Greencastle, he saw a newspaper ad for a 100-year old hardware store in Jamestown and nipped it right up. Been there since. Interestingly, her family had originally owned the hardware building. Each morning, there are a dozen to twice that in the shop drinking coffee and discussing world problems. For quite some time, he also had a Pizza King. Not enough? She now works at The Paper and he is back to truck driving (with their son).
An interesting fact is that when they first went to her family’s get-together, he knew several of them including her dad. How’s that for a New Jersey boy? Speaking of family, she told me that they had just had a 1st cousin get-together and on her one side only there were 25 first cousins and with spouses, kids and such there were 120 there.
Her proposal wasn’t at all romantic, but interesting and worked-out quite well. He had fixed a tiller for someone but the guy suggested instead of cash he could use his condo at Panama Beach. “Well, heck, let’s just get married,” he told her not only having the wedding but the honeymoon all wrapped in one. To top it off, her parents went and they have beautiful beach pictures to prove it!
Between them, they have Joanna, a buyer for the Kroger system. Robert a long haul truck driver the one working with his dad at Estes. Bryant who just finished as a Marine and with a friend, now has D-K Motor Sports. Breyton is a driver for Poppa John’s in Brownsburg. “It takes very little to make him happy.” Emily lives in Stacey’s grandparents’ home and does quality control for Maplehurst. They are totally thrilled to be grandparents to Kaleb, Ellie and Addie.
Sure you’ve guessed by now as you’ve read some of her wonderful articles that I was blessed to interview Stacey Baschwit (love her Wit’s End). The aspect she probably loves the most is photography. Having been blessed being a stay-at-home mom they were just feeling empty-nesting and her brother Chris told her to give Tim Timmons a call and he’d put her to work. For sure. One of the first items she was blessed to work on was the Vietnam Memorial Wall, along with having done blotters, briefs, and general work. She didn’t even realize she had an interest in it but she loves it all now.
She also is very involved in searching missing person databases such as NamUS (prompted from an uncle who went missing) and would love to actually pinpoint who is Jane Doe Lebanon dumped in a ditch in 1992.
Do want to thank Stacey for making sure I got to McDonald’s (first time ever but don’t think I even told her that) and being my guest for ATC this week (and our boss, TT for suggesting I interview her). With the above in mind, I noticed on Stacey (AND Al’s) Facebook page, a quote (Simply Beautiful) that wraps this lil gal up perfectly: I am what I am. I may not be perfect and I make mistakes but when I care, I care with all my heart! That she does.

Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.