The Paper photo by Abbey Bullerdick
Brian and Donna Bullerdick are two All-American parents.
The Paper photo by Abbey Bullerdick Brian and Donna Bullerdick are two All-American parents.
Pleased to announce this week’s couple, a Zach’s success story. We had several who worked together who married, others met their spouse there and a few married customers. Most didn’t make it to the success story category, but my couple this week has; proof being five children, two grands and 32 years of bliss.
She began working for us at a mere age 14 for a couple nights a week. His dad was one of her favorite customers (we all loved him). His sister, Brenda, who also worked for us became her best friend.
After graduating from CHS, Brenda and my gal guest moved to Florida. We hated to see ‘em go, but they were adventurous young ladies. Hopped into a little Pinto and headed South. They stayed with Brenda’s aunt who was a single mom raising four kids. The aunt worked more than one job, made sure her kids got to church every Sunday. “She taught us that there is nothing out of reach. She was one phenomenal lady!”
A football player and golfer at Southmont, after graduation he did construction work, but didn’t think much of the long-distance romance. “Then come to Florida!” That he did! She was there 18 years, he slightly less.
Married in the sunny south, their first place was a tiny one right across from the beach in Pompano. Then they moved into a Retirement Condominium; however, when they had their first child, they got kicked out! Funny!
In Boca Raton she worked for an attorney for several years. “We all stuck around, because he treated us like family.” She worked through some of her kids who stayed in a day care then on to preschool, but the pull of grandparents and other family members grew intense once they had more children. “The kids were in everything.” It was just too much. So, while living in Englewood, Florida, they decided to come home again to Indiana. One particular must was for a band with twirlers as their oldest, a freshman, was great.
Question: CHS or Southmont? I’d probably have chosen in alphabetical order, but he said his teachers (Hess, Hallis, Coudret), neighbors and friends, steered them South. On a whole, they’ve not been sorry.
Long hours, long drives go with his job; she oversaw the kids. “Do your homework,” from day one, but by junior high, they knew that was what was expected. She was also always on Power School making sure grades were up to snuff. A bit miffed when the girls went off to college that she couldn’t see what was going on anymore, she nonetheless has this last year with the boys. The boys you say? Yep, three girls and she wanted a boy but alas, there were two. Stay tuned for more info.
When I queried my couple on what trait they inherited from a parent, she said she was a people person like both of hers. He noted his father taught him the importance of working hard to carry things through. “You have to play football because you started it.” He says, “I go to work every day because that’s what I do!” They consider themselves All-American parents, and teaching their five to do just that. Follow through on whatever you do! (I know, bad poetry).
We all (yep, Jimmy was there at PH with us and enjoyed talking Zach memories) laughed as they said they had crazy fun. “We’re a tag-team, sometimes I go to one thing, other times he does, and once-in-awhile, in the middle of something, we switch.” She also loves getting a group text going, then dropping out. After one three-hour meeting when he checked his phone, he had 80 text messages because “the girls don’t want to leave anyone out.”
My gal has worked at New Market Elementary in the Inclusion program and now, it’s their kid time! “When we were young, we were adventurous. We cultured them to go out into the world.” That they did, and they love visiting the kids.
All five are (or will be) South graduates. The twins are seniors at South. Most of you know I’m talking about Brian and Donna (Allen) Bullerdick, and yes, Risty and Charlie are the twins. Risty is a football and baseball player and has already launched into what he wants to do in life, working with his dad for Crider & Crider Construction. Right now, they are working on I-69. Brian laughed, saying he was a general supervisor: “I take the grief for others glory!” Charlie is the golfer, and he and Brian play every Sunday. He hopes to get a scholarship and has already applied and been accepted at several schools. Golf management or news journalism are his interests.
Oldest daughter Brianna (Bri) went to Purdue and graduated from ISU and yes, twirled. Married to Scott Bachrach, they live in Bellmore, NY and run a couple of family businesses, one with an office on Broadway. They met when Bri worked at ETA in Greencastle and Scott did business there. They have one sweetie, Seth, age four. “Organizes everyone. She’s always been the adult in our family,” they agreed!
Abbey is next, engaged to our own Neil Burk, editor of The Paper of Montgomery County. Abbey played softball at Dominican University, River Forest, IIlinois. She majored in art and recently started a beautiful new business downtown C’ville 105 E. Main, Abbey Elaine Photography. Love her Facebook page and her pictures are “a work of art,” (Dad and I agree).
Youngest daughter is Paige. She played softball at Olney Junior College in Illinois, and also studied art. Her husband, Rob Beeler (Neil’s roommate at Wabash) is in the service. They live in Jacksonville, NC., but will be going to Missouri. “She’s always been my Disney girl,” Donna said, which shows in their four-month old’s name, Adeline Belle.
Another grand time for an ATC adventure. Thanks so much to the Bullerdicks for being this week’s guests! Appreciated!