Christy Roark with her two children Sequoya and Sully.
Christy Roark with her two children Sequoya and Sully.
This week, I was lucky enough to interview one of Waveland’s library assistance. The library was super busy Friday and she just acted like answering my questions was no biggee between helping probably a dozen kiddos, close to that in adults, and a few phone calls in just the hour and a half I was there. At her job, she does what the other library aides do, the above, as well as check books in and out, put them away, make copies and the like, but she also has a couple of specialties – the Nourish program and the Library’s Facebook page. She mainly works Thursday and Friday but other times as well. Always as sweet as can be (as are all the gals) she is super lively and the kids especially adore her – she got several hugs and smiles with all she came in contact. In fact her hubby says, “Well, I am married to Captain Kangaroo!”
She says of all the various aspects of her life, having kids is the best thing she’s ever done. She wants her kids to travel, see things and meet all kinds of people. Certainly, in her walks of life, she has done that and her future plans include doing much more of it.
Having grown-up in a somewhat big Midwest Indiana city, Sheridan, she graduated from Sheridan HS. I said, “Oh, yeah, that’s the town with a big listing of things on their water tower.” Her answer: “Yes, we have the highest Single A State Championships.” While at SHS, she was editor of the newspaper, active in the Cheer Block, Sunshine Society and played volleyball and basketball in high school plus softball when younger. Her favorite class there was journalism and says she probably should have gone into that but she does do a little bit of that with her library job. She has one sister and two brothers. Two of them live in Sheridan and one in Kirkland so still near.
After high school she went to work at an insurance company and worked there until she decided to get away from home for awhile and joined the Navy. In fact, she turned 25 while at boot camp at Great Lakes. There were 80 girls on their ship (her specialty was Aviation Maintenance, logging aircraft hours, flight schedules) from all over. She realized after meeting all these type folks that she had been fairly sheltered and at first was a bit apprehensive, but realized they were all the same just different in small ways. She went to A-School in Meridian, Mississippi (her brother was at Gulfport and they rode home together sometimes) and was stationed in Mayport, Florida and Kone’ohe Bay, Hawaii. The travelling and meeting the people is what she’s all about so she loved it, but she couldn’t do the job out of the service so she began college classes, then transferred credits to Indiana Wesleyan (majoring in business) when she returned home. She wanted to work at the court house while doing more schooling (she still has plans to finish someday and desires to take some art lessons, as well) so put in her application there which was transferred to the jail where she got on and worked for five years. Quite an experience and says, “Now, I have to watch my mouth with my library job!” I laughed so hard!
I had never heard of her hobby but love it – she upcycles. “In other words, I get junk and fix it up!” Their home is lovely and she says a lot of it is upcycled. She and husband Tyler met through her brother (they worked together). He is the youngest of five and was raised in Whitestown. They both love Waveland, a small town and enjoy the state parks and the tight-knit community. “I’ve helped kids and know others would help mine if they needed it.” She also collects coins and rocks (they particularly love living right next to a creek and stomp it often to find nifty things, although the two tombstones were a bit depressing – I offered to see who they might belong to and where they’re supposed to rest, and she said they’d have to see if they could find ‘em again).
Most Wavelandites will know my guest this week is Christy Roark but for those of you out and around the county you will be just getting to know her. Tyler works for 103 Operators Union and took a job in Brazil and they wanted to be near for that plus close to Turkey Run and Shades where they could camp. Thus, Waveland. They have two sweethearts, Sequoya and Sully. I had heard about them a couple of times but was thrilled they happened to be at the library so I could meet them, too. I took a few photos of mom by herself but it wasn’t until the S-square was with her that she put on such a happy face that I had to snap that, too. Tyler has an older son, Shawn, who is a mechanic (like his dad) and lives in Washington state, is married with three kids. Tyler and Christy were married in Brown County and honeymooned there, always loving the out of doors. They not only have their own kids but many others hang-out at their darling home right when you come into town. Their family loves to come and visit too and they often go over and camp at their folks. About Waveland: “You can’t get any better house, town and job. We have so much fun here!”
She has always been a big reader and says the Sheridan library is great. For awhile when her kids were young she didn’t get to read too much but can again and particularly loves nonfiction, history and religion, mainly. The couple enjoys finding out interesting things about their families, too. Each and every time I go into the Waveland library, I enjoy it but especially when peppy, fun, sweet Christy is behind the counter. Keep doing such a great job kiddo and thanks for being this week’s ATC guest!