These two fantabulous folks have been a part of my life for decades and don’t believe anyone reading this article could possibly believe how much I adore them both! We had an infinite amount of fun reminiscing for a couple of hours and want to thank them for opening their beautiful home for the visiting! They said they spend lots of time on their porches enjoying their birds, trees and really “country” feel even though they live in town but Ms. Highly Allergic here was glad to spend time in their beautiful dining room instead!
These two will be enjoying their 67th wedding anniversary soon, having been married at Linden at her parents’ home on October 21, 1951. Not long after their marriage, he went to the Korean War for two years serving as a Supply Sargent, just 60 miles south of the line. She worked at Elston Bank while waiting on his return.
She is a graduate of Linden HS and still returns to their Alumni Banquet whenever possible. She was in 4-H and Jr. Leaders, played trombone for eight years, was cheerleader and active in MYF. Add piano playing to her repertoire.
A Waveland HS grad, he was in basketball, 4-H, choir and band. His grandmother offered to purchase a French Horn for him and since he was the first in the band to play it, he was quite unique. Believe me, he still is in many ways. With quite a beautiful base voice, he sang in choir and at church, plus in a quartet with Everett Keys, Isabel Shanks and Barbara McBrayer.
Music is still a major part of their lives, having just attended the Civic Band concert. They went to the Starlight Musicals for years and still go to the Long Center in Lafayette whenever they have performances.
It was the year before she was a senior (at the Russellville fair although they knew each other a bit from Jr. Leaders and their folks were acquainted) that he said he saw her and knew she was the one for him. Seems perhaps he had to convincer her of that since her plans had included college, teaching, and marrying at age 25. Since he lived just north of her hometown with his aunt and uncle (in Romney) Jack and Marian Blacker while attending Purdue she said he kept her too busy to go out with any other fellows.
Upon his return from service, they parented three amazing young men. I was blessed to have babysat with them several times. They were the best of my large batch I sat for but then they moved to the northern part of the county. In fact, all three of their sons graduated from North, the youngest and oldest as seven semester graduates.
Son Kevin lives near Grand Rapids, works for the government and travels the world. Married, he has two children and two grands that he totally adores!
Mark had “a personality that wouldn’t quit” and an uncanny way of reading people. In fact, his uncle said that he’d never let his daughters date anyone without Mark checking them out. An outdoor enthusiast, he was wonderful aiding his parents but sadly passed away May 3, 2014 at the young age of 54.
Eric is an architect, lives in Beaufort, SC, is married and has two children and one grandchild. I was lucky to see several of his homes and villages featured in Southern Living. He says, “I design villages like Waveland and Linden!” Love it and he is amazing!
So, meet my guests, Karl and Joan (Hunsicker) Moser. When Eric was ready to begin school, Joan decided she wanted three girls to even the score. Not able to have more, she queried Karl about adoption and if not that, then she wanted to go back and finish college (she had started before marriage in Home Ec). Quite quickly, he popped-up, “How about you go to school?” She did just that, graduating from Purdue in Elementary Ed and has taught in SC, NC, GA, KY, and of course, Indiana. They lived in Florida for awhile, too but she thought she was too old to enjoy it at that point. She had to take lots of extra classes to be able to teach in those states, plus also received her Masters from DePauw. There were several grades presenting an opportunity at East Union. She noted: “I liked trying them all!”
Karl had attended Purdue in Agriculture and went to farming upon his return from service. Every Sunday found them at the Methodist Church where he aided in melding the Methodist/Presbyterian into the Waveland Covenant Church, and she taught MYF for 20 years or more, loving every minute of it. For quite some time he served as a trustee for Ivy Tech and they have been involved in several other activities, including currently attending the Eastside Baptist Church.
He has been all over the world, even in Saudi Arabia when their son was there and got to see him, and she has been on three Mission Trips in Central America. They’ve pretty much covered all of the US, too.
When he received the sad news that he had Retinitis Pigmentosa, it was projected to lose his eye sight by age 35 but it went to some extent up until he was 60, so for awhile, he sold Real Estate and for quite some time worked with the National Hay Association where he aided farmers in purchasing and selling hay and where he served as its president. He even flew his own airplane (took lessons at Crawfordsville) back and forth to Georgia. “I’m so thankful I could do normal things as long as I could do them. I pushed myself pretty hard and Jo is so good and supportive of me. We’ve had a good life together!” Amen! God bless you two special people and thanks again for finally getting with me so I could feature a pair of my all-time favorite folks in this week’s ATC!

Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.