Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guest!
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guest!
My guest this week assured me she had a wonderful childhood but there was one rule they had to live by. No animals in the house! However, when the fish froze on the front porch, her dad ebbed somewhat and eventually they had cats, dogs and you name it, all inside. It’s pretty nifty that all the names in their family of five begin with a J, and they even had a dog named Jolly and a fish Jingle, although I’m not sure if it was Jingle on the porch.
She grew-up in Ladoga and of course, graduated from South. Not too involved at school, she did do baseball stats as there was a plethora of boys (she giggled, so did I) available on the large team. She also danced, Glenda Frees as her coach who encouraged her to go on to ISU and join the Sparkettes. The problem with that was it cost a great deal of money for the outfits, and extras. Now, since her dad loved all kinds of sports (including watching her dance) and he really didn’t think she would make the team (super stiff competition) he encouraged her to try. She’s a go-getter so certainly no surprise (well except to dad who had to fork out the money) she indeed made it and spent her college career on the team!
Upon her college graduation, her first job was at WCVL. It was a “great job, with great people.” She worked there for 18 years. From the radio she went to Comcast for a half decade but her job was downsized, then it was on to The Paper for a couple of years then did some managing at Macy’s for a couple more. Metronet next and that was more what she had been trained for in her sales degree at ISU. ACEL Plus and Metronet merged in 2015 and she is now Regional Manager of Customer service throughout Central Indiana and down through Lexington. With lots of travelling, as an empty nester, it gives her something to do. Her two cats left home aren’t much to handle, so it all works out beautifully.
Life sure hasn’t been perfect for her. She truly feels that God gives a person wake-up calls. She also loves the book of James as it is full of trials and tribulations and how to combat them. Overall, though, life has been good. All these experiences make her who and what she is. She noted, “It’s God’s story, I’m just living it!” going on to say that one shouldn’t try to figure out the small stuff. Truly she is “happy, healthy and blessed!” She is a member of Woodland Heights Christian Church but spends a lot of time at Rock Point as well where she has aided in divorce ministry.
We enjoyed discussing her radio job and decided that was probably where we actually met first. I knew it went back way farther than her son playing tennis and baseball with our grandsons. Zach’s Family Restaurant was one of her customers and she said she loved and missed the wing and coney specials. Yep, me, too.
Although she’s officially the middle child in her family, her twin brother, Jay, who works for the state, married to Shelly and has three boys, is just 15 minutes younger. They have an older sister, Janis, married to Brian Evans with three children. Janis’ son also played on the baseball team with our grandsons. Their mom was Joyce and Jim. All J’s remember?
Now, she didn’t carry on the J name tradition but a middle name as her father’s middle name is Lee, her son’s the same, and her daughter’s Emilea. Her middle name is Lea and her brother’s Lee. Both of her children are CHS graduates where her son also played basketball. She noted specifically that some coaches are just amazing. They support their players through and through and David Pierce is one of them along with Tammy Haas who was her daughter’s dance leader. They are awesome by example. As a parent, you appreciate those and she hopes that she has made an impression on someone somewhere, as well. Her son, Chandler went to Florida while a Junior as an intern for the Dolphins which is what he planned on doing (working for them) when he graduated but things change. He is in Florida and loves it but works as a physicians recruiter and so relishes that job.
Her daughter, Emilea, heard I was interviewing her and was totally convinced (jokingly) that it was because my guest is the mother of Crawfordsville’s hometown hero, Emilea Pursell. For sure, Emilea is following in her mom’s footsteps, majoring in retail sales and management and get this, she’s on the PU dance team. Jill Harris Pursell told me, “Now, we support the PU dance team,” but not so much otherwise. Definitely, she’s an “IU freak!” Certainly, both mom and daughter and very much son, too are people persons and Jill loves the selling and negotiating.
Jill and her significant other, Ron, do lots of day trips. She loves photography (takes so many pictures and great to share – we have several tennis and baseball photos from Jill - awesome) and they enjoy the Chicago Cubs and Classic Cars so vacation wherever they are. They have lots of fun together. In fact, Jill is just the kind of person who loves to have fun no matter where. Certainly, we had a great time at Pizza Hut (ran into Tim Timmons and he even bought our lunch – thanks, Boss) and want to thank Jill for letting me feature her in this week’s Around The County!

Jill has many different hobbies and interests including photography, baseball, and classic cars!