This week's subject and I have one big item in common - we have both had a job since very early in life and often held down multiple jobs at one time. In fact, our first jobs were the same - delivering newspapers. Oddly, I'm still in that business so to speak where Darin Hutson has ventured beyond.

Darin grew-up in Crawfordsville where his dad, Sonny, worked at RR Donnelley and the Standard Gas Station. His mother, Joan was a stay at home mom. "Wherever she was, my brother, Derrick and I were right next to her." Darin's favorite childhood memories involve sledding.

One day on the way (after Dad had told mom not to go anywhere because of bad roads) they were going up Chestnut and she hit a phone pole. Of course, they went sledding more, but Darin remembers not that particular day.

Teen jobs for Darin were detasseling, Crawford's Food Store and when even in college at IU, he ran the Bowling and Billiards Hall. Most of you know that Darin's current and long time occupation is running Service Master, a cleaning business. It was cleaning where I met Darin as he worked for us at Zach's Family Restaurant. It seems he and wife Paula Leonard met at the Eagles, "through a mutual friend," with suggestions from her dad; but since Paula also worked at our restaurant for 13 years, they hung-out there quite a bit.

Darin actually just celebrated 30 years in the Service Master business. He contributes that partly because of his wonderful employees, especially Dale Eads, Nancy Brady, and his dad, Sonny. Darin's eyes brightened as he told me, that his father is the rock of his life! He also noted that his Gpa' Harry helped get him started. Darin began working for his Uncle Frank Gardner in 1983, Frank having the company since 1958. Darin has had several family members work for him and considers his father his right-hand man. Quite religious (extremely active in Yountsville Community Church, he's on the board and she's treasurer and they were active in rebuilding the church after their fire) Darin loves that the name, Service Master is two-fold. They are masters of their service trade but since Service Master was founded by Christians, the higher meaning indicates serving THE Master, our Lord.

On that line, the Hutsons agreed that their favorite vacation was to Petersburg, Ky. at The Creation Museum where they are working to build a life-size Noah's Ark. Certainly, the family wants to go back there but Canada, Alaska, Yellowstone and North Platte, Nebraska where Paula's mother was born are places they'd like to visit, too. They've also gone on several train trips to see Chicago and love Myrtle Beach.

Darin and Paula were married in the First Baptist Church by Rev. Todd Randles. After 10 years of marriage and Paula right at 40, they spent hours of time in classes for adopting. One day Paula felt very ill then realized why. She rushed to get a pregnancy test -- it was a plus but she took another one, just in case. Actually, it was probably at 7-months when she finally realized it was true. Darin was so cute telling me exactly where he was standing when she told him she was having a baby. Talk about jump for joy! Son Jacob has put a lot of happiness in their life. In fact, he's so much fun, he'd make anyone joyful. When I found out his middle name, I said his initials aloud as a word (love doing that). He giggled and so I dubbed him JAH with major emphasis on the "ah." Although Jacob began school at St. Bernard's because of its closing, Paula now home schools JAH in a Christian-based K-12 program. Darin said that his greatest moment in life was when Jacob was saved on the way home from the Creation visit (their minister had gone with them and was able to make this happen).

The Hutson family has always been sports-related. When Sonny married Laura Mutterspaugh Maxwell (daughter of Emerson Mutterspaugh, one of Montgomery County's athletic/educational kings), more sports-minded folks merged. Lots of family members have played together on teams, especially softball. Although Darin is not involved as an active member now, he still often sponsors a team.

Community-minded, Darin served about 12 years as City Councilman, a few years with the Park & Rec Department, and Darin said, "I'm glad I served and I encourage others to do so!"

Other activities of the Hutsons enjoy include watching old tv shows, such as MASH, Andy Griffin and I love Lucy. The Jason Bourne series intrigues Darin as well. Paula enjoys 4-H, gardening, crocheting, canning, along with bowling, fishing, Scouts, Face Book and their cats keep all three busy. They mentioned G.K. several times and I finally figured out that meant Garage Kitty. Within the week, the Hutsons had a Nerf ball fight with ages two to 72, and went toboggan sledding. Busy kids.

When I asked the two what kept them together, they outlined three items, one was to set-out rules; two to keep mutual respect for each other and three have good communication. Truly, a nifty couple I admire. Thanks for the longest interview yet - it was great fun!