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Dennis Keith and Judi Robinson have an intriguing parallelism.
Photo provided Dennis Keith and Judi Robinson have an intriguing parallelism.
Turkey Run High School sweethearts are our guests this week. He began his schooling in a bit of an odd way, though. Going at barely five, he entered Grange Corner to promptly be sent home as too young, then called back again so the school could have enough pupils to receive state funding. She spent her years in Bloomingdale, then they met at Turkey Run in 9th grade science. Not impressed because he was always arguing with the teacher about strange things (differences between bison and buffalo), but her best friend, Katie okayed him for her to date their junior year.
It was a must that the two girls dated friends as they always went together. My gal okayed Katie’s man, Tom and both couples have been married over 50 years. They dated in a 1957 two-door hard-top Belair Chevy that was used by other family members sat in a barn several years and finally refurbished by my couple. Received a Christmas card with the two of them by the gorgeous red car and they can’t wait to take Katie and Tom on a ride.
Too young for most jobs, he began working at Hoosier Crown in the lab, then three days after turning 18, he began working at R.R. Donnelley’s, remaining there 44 years and one month. He thought he began working for $1.30 per hour in the Press room. He retired as a supervisor in the Sheet Fed Press room. As per his time there, “I have no regrets. I can’t say anything but good about the place!”
With his parental consent in hand, they were married on an extremely hot June 20th 1964 at the Bloomingdale Friends’ Church. Before they began their family, she spent a short time at RRD, too, but most of our readers would remember her as a sample lady at County Market, the one with the big smile and sweet personality.
An intriguing parallelism of my two is that his mother was 45 when he was born and he is the last left of nine children; her mother was 39 and she is the last of five.
His sister left them a home in Florida, so they enjoy being snow birds. Their place is at Lake Panasoffkee (luckily, he gave me a card with the spelling) on a man-made canal. While there they enjoy flea marketing and going out to eat. The Oakridge Boys, Charlie Pride and others keep them entertained.
They lived in Marshall originally, rented a home in New Market awhile, then much to the dismay of their family members, Jessie Metzger sold ‘em 19 acres and a house (for $25,000) that Enoch Harrison had owned near Lake Holiday. Our subject had given her $2,000 which was all their savings as a down payment. The deal almost fell through, but it was meant to be, as they’re still there and love it yet. Lumber was free so he built this, added on to that and life is good at their home place.
Her brother, Bill, steered him into a big hobby, tractors. This fella has a Farmall M he loves to take to parades and shows. His grandson from Wisconsin came down this summer and drove the other Farmall (H). That was big fun. Her hobby is therapy shopping. Have a bad day, go shopping. She also enjoys coloring, Facebook and “messing with my flowers in the summer!”
Met this gal when our kids were all at New Market. We laughed about the good ol’ spaghetti suppers and huge Halloween parties. In fact, their children are all New Market and South graduates, all begin with a D and are pretty nifty young folks. Four generations carry his middle name, Keith. Their oldest, is Darrin Keith married to Becky Crawford from Roachdale. He works at SDI at Pittsboro as does his son Dylan Keith, who with Tiffany (New Beginnings Day Care) has Daxon Keith. Think that’s pretty nifty! Four generations of DKRs.
Their next child is Deanna, an ISU graduate who moved to Wisconsin in 1988. She works for the DOT letting contracts and her son John will be 21 soon.
Youngest of theirs is Denise, who is a registered nurse (went to Franklin and Ivy Tech) and loved doing hospice until back trouble nixed that. Now an insurance decoder, she works from home. Her daughter Alexandria just graduated from high school early and son, Elijah is age four (he goes to Fuzzy Bear Day Care at Ladoga and, “is quite a character!”).
While at our local school, Darrin was in football and Denise and Deanna both in band, plus Denise was in softball and volleyball until she had knee trouble. They had a great relationship with Mr. Patton and still talk about him walking home when they won at state fair.
This couple own his family home in Parke County, so between the two big places, there is major mowin’ going’ on during the summer. They are hoping one of their children might retire there.
Always try to have a unique question for everyone I interview and I asked them what the difference was between the two counties. Some were more obvious answers, while others very interesting. In Parke County there were “friends everywhere,” literally coming out of the woods. So much fun to throw water on the hill and sled down. It was great growing up for her near the Bloomingdale cemetery where they all played, while here in rural Montgomery County, there really was no one around for the kids to play with, but they had horses and church and school friends.
Speaking of church, they attend New Hope while in our area and First Baptist while in the south. Their congregation is always putting something on while down there.
Really nifty couple, Dennis Keith and Judi Robinson that I am so happy Jim and I met at PH and interviewed. Thanks kids. Now, you all take care and see ya’ next week for ATC!