A Not So Beautiful mind
Out of Order, Stacey's Ramblings or still one of my favorites, Baschwit Crazy . . . These were just a few of the names thrown around when trying to decide a title for my column.
Obviously, I ultimately settled on Wits End. I wanted something reflective of my personality and the craziness of my life. Although, any one of them would easily apply. My mind seems to be going 100 MPH at any given time. My thoughts are most definitely out of order, my mouth can ramble on once you get me talking and my personality can most certainly be described as crazy!
However, it's my brain working at 1 a.m. that keeps me at my wits end!
While most are fast asleep, resting their mind and bodies for the upcoming day ahead . . . I find myself thinking of silly things like, “How do we know what a dinosaur sounds like?” “Is the S or the C silent in the word Scent?” Isn't it funny how we say things like, “our nose runs and feet smell?” “If a bunch of cats are piled up, is it still called a dog pile?”
No matter how hard I try to shut my brain down for a peaceful night’s sleep, it keeps going like the Energizer bunny!
I have found it's easier to just get up and do something productive instead of driving myself crazier with senseless (though funny) thoughts. This week, I decided to paint my bathroom. After 17 years, it's time for a fresh coat of paint. Now, I already know I want to keep it a simple white. It was anything but.
I step up to the counter of the local paint store, ready to grab my paint and knock this project out in one night! Geared up I ask, “Can I get one gallon of white paint please?”
Here comes the nightmare of an already boggled mind. Flat white? Satin finish? Off white? Antique white? Sand White? Frostline white? Marble white? Mold resistant or primer? ARRRGGGHHH!!!
So the following night, with no paint in sight, I spent my hours contemplating the different shades of white. Broadening the meaning to “things are not always black and white.” No. They most certainly are not! At least not in the context of wall color. Unable to decide, the bathroom stands unfinished and I'm yet again racking my brain with useless thoughts instead of sleeping.
So for all of you who have a beautiful, yet restless, mind. I feel your pain. The struggle is real my friends. Here's to one good night’s sleep!
Fun Fact . . .
According to Investigate Indiana, our Boone County neighbors have one of The World’s Tallest Limestone Columns right in Lebanon! They posted to their Facebook page, “Made from Single Pieces of Limestone—an important caveat. While you’d think that the world’s tallest single-piece limestone columns would be found on the Lincoln Memorial or the Acropolis, they actually grace the Boone County Courthouse in the Indiana town of Lebanon. The problem is logistics—how do you move a 40-ton pillar hundreds of miles from its original quarry? You can’t. But if you live in Indiana, where limestone quarries are everywhere, it’s doable and was done in 1912. There are eight columns in all. Each is 36 feet tall and more than 14 feet in circumference. They’re located on the north and south entrances of the building and really are impressive, especially up close. So impressive, apparently, that they attracted William “Captain Kirk” Shatner and his fourth wife, Elizabeth Martin, who were married here on Feb. 13, 2001.”
Fourth of July plans? . . .
July 4th Freedom Festival in Crawfordsville will be on July, 4th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Milligan Park. There will be free entertainment, free activities for kids, including face painting, rock wall, bounce house, balloon artist, inflatable slide, food vendors, and of course, fireworks!

Stacey Baschwit works at The Paper of Montgomery County, along with her many other duties, and writes a weekly column about the people, places and events that make up her world.