Amanda Elizondo is a nifty young gal, full of energy and fun.

A graduate of Fountain Central High School, as Amanda Snider, she was a three-sport athlete, playing volleyball, basketball and softball. FCA, NHS and Spanish Club were also her interests.

While at Indiana State University, she served as president of OSPE, the college's PE organization.

An intelligent gal, Amanda spends much time in aiding her fellow Turkey Run teachers in staying physically active as the head of the Wellness Program. She heads fun competitions for staff members with healthy prizes as rewards. This is her tenth year at TR where she teaches health and physical education. Both classes are intense, but interesting and entertaining.

Her first years at TR found her as girls' assistant basketball coach under George Wooten where they had excellent teams. Students describe Amanda as energetic with fresh ideas. Interaction with the students is what she enjoys at school.

At Riverton Parke school, a graduate student working on his internship as an Athletic Trainer, Mark Elizondo, eyed Amanda while she was coaching at the school. Now, it has been almost seven years since the Elizondo's beautiful wedding which I was honored to attend. Mark is the Assistant Athletic Trainer at Wabash College. Two adorable children, Sydney and Gabe round-out the Elizondo family. They are members of St. Bernard's Church.

What Amanda loves most about being a mom is the innocent humor. She laughs with the kids a lot and the staff at Turkey Run love to hear about antics of the Elizondo children.

Although she has little time for extras, when she gets a chance, Amanda loves to work out, especially by running or playing tennis.

Truly, I know no one who doesn't enjoy and admire Amanda Snider Elizondo, and that is why she makes such a super subject for this week's, "Around the County."