This ‘lil gal and I go back to when she was a teen and worked at Zach’s Family Restaurant. I was a young married gal (oh, wait, I still am) and she had come in to fill out an application. Jim was quite impressed with her older sister, Denise’s work and hired her on “my sister’s reputation,” she told me. Think she worked for us longer than Denise, though. She was a gorgeous thing and sweet as can be and I am serious when I say that hasn’t changed one bit. I’ve known her wonderful family just as long as we go back. They all used to come into the restaurant for conies and her dad has cut my hub’s hair for decades!
Speaking of Zach’s Restaurant she noted that was the hardest job she’s ever had but still remained working for us a bit beyond high school. “Being a waitress lets you see the true person,” she said but she did love most of the regulars and said she even dumped coffee on an old fellow once and he was so gracious. What’s interesting about the job I think – ya’ just never know! She did say that she learned many life lessons there.
Another job/hobby she began an interest in when she was just a kid. She wanted to take pictures. She loves to take pictures and was always borrowing her mother’s camera to do just that. However, mom insisted she only take black/white because colored film was too expensive. Well, she’s graduated considerably since that time and now takes pictures for hire and is especially awesome at snapping wedding pictures. Stay tuned for her Facebook and website pages.
When I asked her what she has learned in her first five decades of life (she wouldn’t tell me how over that she was but coughed her age into her hand and we giggled), she said that she’s still learning not to sweat the small stuff and to do more observing before doing snap talking.
She is a graduate of North Montgomery and was in several clubs but noted that she particularly loved her Horticulture classes with Mr. Vance. That is still with her today as one of her favorite things to do is work in her garden but is frustrated about this year’s weather. “Everything is supposed to be green but is turning yellow with so much rain!” Along with that, she enjoys watching Garden Answers on YouTube.
Besides gardening, she loves to walk the trails and take her Rodesian Ridgeback “Red” to the dog park. Red came from the animal shelter and she’s fairly sure her Red is a Ridgeback, but to make sure, her daughter got her a doggie DNA test for Christmas and as we laughed, she said she needed to get that done. She especially loves to hang out at the dog park with her grandpup, Jack. She has another granddog, too named Norman. There’s hope for the real thing though since her kids are still young. In the meantime she’s enjoying Jack and Norman!
Regarding her bucket list, she wants to travel more in America, not so much out of the country. She laughed and said, “I want to go where it’s not raining!” She sees herself doing the same thing in 25 years because, “I love doing it and I got a late start in life!” So, she’s planning on taking full advantage of her future time frame.
“It” is working at Crawfordsville District Public Library as a Children’s Librarian manager. Considering herself lucky to have been a stay at home mom, she later went to work at Sommer Elementary as their librarian then went to her current job at CDPL. She loves working on the programs, recently having 800 at their Touch a Truck. Upcoming big event is the Jim Gill Children’s Concert on August 1st at 7:00 at the Pike Street Stage.
The blessing in regards to her job is the kids. Having been there 12 years now, she says she loves seeing the children out of the library. They get excited and the parents often don’t even know her but the kids do as they have been there for various reasons and know her.
She loves reading children’s literature (she’s a graduate of Ivy Tech in Library Science with an Associates Degree) because then she can make suggestions to her little patrons. As per her favorite book, it is of course a children’s one and is titled The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. I had read that so we talked about another book too by that author. She said she loves her style of writing and the characters she depicts. Another hobby is collecting all the Colombo dvds and watching them.
Most of you have guessed that my guest this week is that adorable, sweet and beautiful Janella Carpenter Nunan. Inside and out, by the way! She is the daughter of Bill Carpenter, one awesome barber and his wife, Nancy. Besides her sister, Denise mentioned earlier, who is a nurse, she has a younger sister, Yvonne, who has a phantom neon sign company. Also, her son, Cameron is married to Lindsay. They are both teachers in the Lafayette area. Daughter Jamie is married to Jeff Fall who is a manager at Arni’s. Jamie is a speech therapist at Willson school.
We met at A Second City Café for an awesome lunch and although I’m not a photographer, I think it’s easy when the subject is so beautiful. Her photography can be seen at: and on Facebook at Janella Nunan photography -- Thanks Janella so very much for letting me feature you in this week’s Around The County. Had a great time – we need to do that more often girly!

Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.