At this time of year when many of us make resolutions, the League of Women Voters encourages all to include citizenship in your goals for 2014. The American governmental system, conceived by our founding fathers more than 200 years ago, has provided the framework for the most responsive government in the world; but it only works if citizens are informed and involved.

Voting is the most fundamental right and responsibility of American citizens. To be eligible to vote, you must be registered. Deadline for registration for the May Primary Election is Monday, April 7.

If you are not presently registered, you can do this in person at the Voter Registration Office located at the Court House or at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (362-5707) located at 1629 Eastway Drive. If you wish to apply by mail, your form must be postmarked no later than 29 days prior to the May 6 election. For questions, contact Karyn Douglas at the Montgomery County Voter Registration Office 364-6437.

Be knowledgeable about the issues. Consider all points of view and strive to understand positions other than your own or your party. Encourage family and friends to be informed and involved.

The May 6 election will serve as the Primary for Congress, State Representatives and State Senate. A number of county offices will be elected in 2014 including County Commissioner District 2, County Council Districts 1,2,3 & 4, as well as Judge of Superior Court 1, Prosecuting Attorney, Assessor, Auditor, Treasurer and Surveyor. Township Trustees and Township Boards will be elected as well some seats on School Boards.

The future of Montgomery County, Indiana and the United States is dependent upon attracting informed people willing to work cooperatively to serve in key elected and appointed positions. Have you ever considered running for office?

The 2014 Indiana Election Calendar published by the Indiana Election Division provides key deadlines for the May 6 election:

>>Wednesday, Jan. 8, is the first day a declaration of candidacy for major political party primary nomination (or as Democratic Party precinct committeeman, or state convention delegate at the primary) may be filed.

First day an independent or minor party candidate may file a petition of nomination with county voter registration office for certification of petition signatures.

>>Friday, Feb. 7 is the deadline by noon, to file a declaration of candidacy for the primary.

>>Tuesday, April 8 is the first day a voter may vote an absentee ballot before an absentee voter board in the office of the circuit court clerk.

>>Saturday, April 26 and May 3 Absentee board in office of circuit court clerk must be open for at least 7 hours to permit absentee voting.

>>Monday, May 5 Deadline by noon for voter to file an absentee ballot application to vote in person in the clerk's office.

>>Tuesday, May 6-Primary Election Day-- Polls will be open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Each of us can have a role to play in the upcoming elections, whether we run as a candidate or help encourage and support others. Is there someone in your family, a neighbor, friend, or co-worker you might encourage to get involved in 2014? You can help the candidate of your choice working on his/her campaign committee. Consider offering to be a poll worker.

Get involved and help democracy in Montgomery County work!