The races on the ballot in Montgomery County include six to fill federal and state positions: U.S. House District 4, Indiana Assembly, District 41, U.S. Senate representing Indiana, Indiana Treasurer, Indiana Auditor and Indiana Secretary of State. To view the list of candidates on your ballot, visit the website There you can enter your address to see the Voter Guide.
In addition to races for these offices, there are two additional items for which voters can either approve or disapprove. Indiana Public Question 1 and Indiana Supreme Court Justice Retention Vote.
Public Question 1 concerns a balanced budget amendment to the Indiana Constitution. The measure would amend the Indiana Constitution by adding the following text:
The following definitions apply to this section only for purposes of the limits on the State budget under this section: "Revenue" means all income received by the state general fund and all other state funds, excluding the proceeds of bonds or other loans. "Expense" means the ordinary operating costs of State government, including any debt service payments made during the biennial budget period.
The total amount of expense appropriations enacted by the General Assembly for a biennial budget may not exceed the estimated revenue of the State in the biennial budget period. (Subsection c.)
A State budget enacted by the General Assembly must appropriate money for the State's prefunded pension funds in the amount necessary to actuarially fund the accrued liability of all such pension funds during the budget period. (Subsection d.)
If expenses exceed actual revenue received by the State when reconciled at the close of a biennial budget period, the subsequent biennial budget must subtract any shortfall from the projected revenue available for that subsequent biennial budget.
The requirements under subsections (c) and (d) may be suspended if at least two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives and at least two-thirds of the members of the Senate vote to suspend the requirement.
A court that orders a remedy pursuant to any case or controversy arising under this section may not order any remedies other than a declaratory judgment or such other remedies that are specifically authorized by the General Assembly in a law implementing this section.
Voters choose YES for the measure or NO against the measure.
Indiana Supreme Court Justice Retention Vote, voters are presented with the question Should Justice Geoffrey Slaughter be retained in office?
A YES vote is a vote for the retention of Justice Slaughter; a NO vote is a vote against the retention of Justice Slaughter.
Above all, vote! Voting is a right, a duty and an honor. It CAN make a difference. Also, remember this: not voting is giving your consent.
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