We have a great resource on the north end of Crawfordsville and its getting even better. I got the opportunity to take a tour of the construction zone for the new emergency room at Franciscan Health Crawfordsville and I was extremely impressed.
I’m sure you’ve been by the hospital and wondered how construction was coming along. As of my visit, it was coming along on time and under budget. Can’t ask for much more than that! The construction will eventually be a new emergency room with 15 beds, up from the 10 in the current ER. The growth is impressive in square footage, too. The new ER will be 18,000 square feet compared to the 3,300 square feet of the existing structure.
I can list numbers all day, but the most impressive thing to me was the thought put into the design. The new facility is being built in a way to put the patient first. From the entry points, to bigger rooms and just the general design, patients are the most important part of the equation. The new facility allows trauma patients to maintain more privacy as they enter the hospital. The emergency drop off that will be used by ambulances is closed off so that patients don’t have to experience the elements as they are transported into the ER.
It’s just going to be a great asset to have in the community and it’s commendable that Franciscan is investing into our community in such a way.
The new ER isn’t the only thing going on to benefit patients. The hospital transformed part of the third floor into an expanded sleep study area with bigger rooms, comfortable beds and spaces for education. The women’s health portion of the hospital is benefitting by making use of space where the current ER exists. There’s a new CT scanner that is twice as fast and provides better imaging that matches the top-of-the-industry standard.
The list truly goes on and on.
So why’s this so impressive? Because it is ours. A hospital is a vital part of any community and is a place that everyone will need to use at some time or the other. Top of the line equipment is great, but what we have is great equipment and a great commitment from the hospital to be a part of the community and to grow with the community. That combination means great things can happen. Most of us can stay close to home to treat our ailments and have family and friends close by for support. It’s not like that everywhere. Some places you have to travel pretty far to access the types of resources we have here. We should all appreciate it. And we should all thank the construction workers and hospital staff for their work on making this project go smoothly.
The new ER is expected to open later this year and is a more-than $15 million dollar investment into our community. That’s worth taking note of.
Neil Burk is the Editor of The Paper of Montgomery County. He has spent his adult life in and around Crawfordsville, apart from a stint on the East Coast. His column appears periodically on Wednesdays in The Paper. He can be reached at neil@thepaper24-7.com or 260-433-8519.