A week ago today my fiancé Abbey and I made a pretty big step into our future with the purchase of our first house. It was long, exhausting process that caused us to make a decision for the relatively long-term. Did we want to move to the country? Maybe a small town? Or city life here in Crawfordsville?
At the end of the day we decided to move close to downtown Crawfordsville. Ultimately we decided to take the chance and put our chips on the city to come through on the current improvements that are in the works. It should pay off big time if things come through.
We’re close to the college and near the proposed path for the Big 4 Trail. We’re just a couple blocks from the trailhead park that the mayor announced last week at Franklin and Washington. Being close to downtown will also put us very close to the discussed Downtown Trail, Fusion 54 and Pike Place park.
There’s a lot going on in Crawfordsville right now and, if everything goes as planned, I imagine the city is going to be vastly different in a decade or so. All of these things factored into our decision to make the purchase near downtown. These are just some of the improvements that are going on right now. What will the future hold once they’re completed? We’re trending in the right direction and I hope that the city comes through on these improvements.
While all these things would be great for our purchase, they’ll be equally important for quality of life. The developments that are in the works through Stellar should help Crawfordsville retain even more talented folks to fill high-paying jobs that should continue to come here as infrastructure improves. I have always loved my time renting in town and I’m excited to finally own in a place that appears to have a bright, well-thought-out path to the future.
It will be interesting to find out if things go according to plan and how any hiccups are handled as they arise. I’ve gotten a little more stake in the game now, too, so I’ll be even more interested.
Neil Burk is the Editor of The Paper of Montgomery County. He has spent his adult life in and around Crawfordsville, apart from a stint on the East Coast. His column appears periodically on Wednesdays in The Paper. He can be reached at neil@thepaper24-7.com or 260-433-8519.