This week is time to give thanks. And it's an opportunity to give back to those that go without. Whether it's at a church or some other organization, there will be opportunities all week long to lend a hand and make sure that others have a special holiday season.

Another opportunity to give back presented itself when the storms hit last weekend. It was a chance for the community to show what it could do when times hit hard. There were several just across the county line in Fountain County that were devastated. Many in Mellott lost their homes entirely.

People and organizations stepped up from both counties to donate goods and services to those facing loss. They did a great job. Denise Maxwell heads up the Red Cross locally and was in Mellott right away to lend a hand.

They've done such a great job and the community has poured out so much to the neighboring county that they're in pretty good shape as far as the recovery efforts go.

"Businesses donated equipment and supplies to help with property preservation, cleanup efforts and basic needs. Friends & family took folks in when homes were damaged or destroyed. The list is endless and we hope to thank each and every one of you by name in the coming months," stated a release from the Fountain County EMA.

"As we move from the response phase to the recovery phase the last of the donated food is being taken door to door by The American Red Cross Volunteers to victims of this violent storm. No additional donations of goods are needed. Monetary donations for disaster relief are being accepted by the American Red Cross at Additionally, all locations of The Fountain Trust Company are accepting donations for the Town of Mellott Tornado Victims. Many persons in our small town had already been hit by difficult economic times. Several were uninsured, or under-insured."

I know that a lot of effort came out of this county to join Maxwell in helping our neighbors. It's always good to see that kind of support . . . especially around the holiday season.

Kudos to everyone that lent a hand.