Are you looking for a parenting resource to assist you as a parent of a teen or tween? An offering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. The site facilitators: Becky Mather, Anne Clarkson & Steve Small, are three family researchers and educators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension.

This is a blog, website and social network for parents of tweens and teens interested in parenting, parent education and parental support. Members contribute to the site through questions, comments and advice and this is the most important part of Parenthetical.

The site goals are to make Parenthetical a place where you regularly share your parenting thoughts and questions, connect with other parents who are experiencing similar issues, and receive trustworthy information on parenting and teen development.

A recent article is entitled: 5 things I do differently with teens at the Holidays. This article covers how to change the holiday vacation to things that your older children might enjoy, as well as hosting your teen's friends, and having diverse experiences as your teen might recognize other family's traditions and beliefs are different from their own.

Another article is about teen music and how to handle it if it is offensive. It might turn into a teachable moment as you discuss the meaning of the music and its contribution or comment on society of the time.

This forum allows for parents to post successes, struggles and have other parents respond with things they have tried. Some discussions have been about how to improve communications with teachers, motivate their children to apply themselves more to school work, or when is a good time to get an I-phone for your teen. Filling the content as a parent allows for you to get support for your situation as well as get the ongoing support for yourself as you and your family move through the teen years.

The time you vest in reaching out is minimal as this resource is just a click away! After you join the site you have access to: resources on parenting, chat from other parents, articles on teens. This site is available on the web: or through Twitter and Facebook social networks.

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