Doesn’t it seem like we’ve lost or perhaps forgotten some of those wonderful lessons taught by our parents and grandparents?
Always saying please and thank you? Being polite to strangers? Not talking loudly in public? Showing good sportsmanship in all circumstances? Opening the door for others? Standing when someone enters the room or approaches the table (or asking permission to leave the table once the meal started)? Taking off your hat when going indoors? Giving up your seat to women and anyone older than you?
The list went on (and if you were growing up during that time, it seemed like the list went on for a really loooooong time).
Without a doubt, all the rules were important. But if there was one that perhaps stood out a little more than others – at least in Mr. and Mrs. Timmons’ house – it was to respect your elders. (I remember getting cuffed upside the head now and then if I forgot to add a “sir” or “ma’am” when talking to adults – and I’ll bet some of you do, too.)
That valuable lesson, coupled with a deep admiration I have for two women who’ve written outstanding columns for our newspaper in Noblesville, led to the introduction of what we call “Notable Nineties.”
Please allow me to explain. Jerry Snyder wrote a weekly column in the Noblesville Times called Now and Then. In it, she had a list called Notable Nineties. It mentioned anyone by name who reached that age. And as Jerry herself got a tad older, she had a little trouble here and there and got someone to help her. She called that person her “young gardener friend.” When Jerry sadly passed away in 2010, her young gardener friend was asked to continue Jerry’s column. Paula Dunn not only did so, but turned into a wonderful writer and an extremely popular columnist. In addition, Paula honored her friend by continuing the list of Noblesville and Hamilton County’s Notable Nineties.
So we’d like to bring this wonderful tradition to Crawfordsville and Montgomery County. Today is the first installment of our very own version of the Notable Nineties. To be sure, it’s not anything extravagant. It’s simply a polite and respectful tip of the cap to those folks who have lived a long life and, I hope, get a little smile out of finding their name in print.
If you are, or know of someone, at the age of 90 or above and would like to be included, just let me know. My e-mail address is below or you can call me at 361-0100 (when our lovely recording starts, push 22 and that’ll ring to my desk). If you call, please be sure to spell the names for me – because you know how mistake-prone us newspaper types can be!
So without further ado, it is my distinct honor to introduce our first batch of Notable Nineties!
Bill Priest
Chet Vice
Nellie Conrad
Elsie Allen
Earl Luzader
Richard Branstetter (who just turned 90 last week – Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. Branstetter!)
Ramona Hallett
Don Myers
Betty Myers
And we have two more who won’t be eligible until later this year but we’ll give them an early mention:
Ruby Eileen Shelton
Leroy L. Shelton
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