What a year! It was just about a year ago that the little paper that could followed the lead of some companies that close up shop for a week at the end of a year, do some general housecleaning, assess where things stand and look ahead.
We did that, and you were kind enough to allow it. It’s like we’ve said a thousand times, this is far more your paper than ours. So boss, if it’s OK with you again, we’re going to take what’s a lost week anyways and use it to clean up, look ahead and, oh yeah, do a little Christmas celebrating.
What that means is that our offices will be closed the week of Christmas. Actually, we would’ve been closed Monday for Christmas Eve and Tuesday for Christmas, so this only impacts Wednesday to Friday.
In addition, we’re giving our printer a Christmas break and only publishing our Online Edition that week as well as keeping the website up to date on obituaries and any breaking news. Of course we’ll give our print subscribers credit so that they don’t lose out.
So, is this just a week for goofing off? As much as I’d like to, we’re going to be getting our heads together and talking about what’s next. I would tell you to expect big changes, but in today’s world, it’d really only be news if we didn’t have big changes, right? Don’t know about you, but it astounds me as to how much things constantly change.
Of course to some degree that’s been true for generations, but perhaps not as much as today. We live in an age where technology is advancing so rapidly that some things are obsolete before the warranty expires.
What’s next for the newspaper world? If you know, do tell! Myself and a lot of buddies in the biz would love to know. Whatever it is, it’ll most likely be electronic, much to the chagrin of me and others. Our paper is a good example. When we started about 15 years ago, the thought of having a daily edition that was nothing but photons and electrons seemed as far-fetched as self-driving cars . . . Uh . . . well, I guess that’s the point.
Today, we have hundreds of people who read our printed product. But we have thousands who read it electronically. Do I wish that weren’t true? Absolutely. I also wish that we still had kids on bicycles delivering the paper after school each day.
So we’re looking ahead for what makes sense for you, as well as for us. We’ve told folks who work here for a long time that in newspapers, we have to find win-win-win solutions. It has to be a win for the customer, for the employee and for the company. Take any one of those three out of the equation and whatever you have left doesn’t bode well for the long haul.
To that end, I’d love to hear from you. What do you want? What can we do better? What can we do that we’re not doing now? What are we doing now that you don’t care for?
Let me do what my wife says I do a lot and repeat myself: It’s far more your paper than ours. You can reach me via e-mail (ttimmons@thepaper24-7.com), U.S. Mail (201 E. Jefferson, Crawfordsville, 47933) or heck, just pick up the phone and call me (361-0100 – ext. 22). I’d love to hear from you.
And whatever we do, whichever direction we take, please know that our goal remains absolutely unchanged. We are here to serve the community, to offer a locally owned alternative to out-of-state media and to give a fair and honest look at the people, places and events that make up our little corner of God’s country. Thanks for helping us do exactly that!
Two cents, which is about how much Timmons said his columns are worth, appears periodically on Tuesdays in The Paper. Timmons is the publisher of The Paper and can be contacted at ttimmons@thepaper24-7.com.