Notes written on the back of a I Survived the Blizzard of '78 poster . . .

The first and biggest 2014 political deadline is in the rearview mirror and there were a few surprises, but not many.

County Councilman Brian Keim said he would only serve two terms and that's exactly what he did when he didn't file for re-election. However, three incumbents did and this is going to be an interesting election. That's because four of the seven council seats are up for grabs. If I use my fingers and toes I think that means a brand-new majority could take office. Some folks will tell you that spells trouble, with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Tea Party.

After the last election, some of those who won said their victories illustrated a clear mandate for zoning. Throwing gas on an open fire couldn't have fanned the flames any higher. Opponents to zoning have become more organized, worked hard and are now in position to make control of local politics a real fight. Stay tuned.

* * *

DO YOU LIKE to write? Did you know there's a writers' group that meets monthly right here in Crawfordsville? They don't have a fancy name like the Lew Wallace Literary Society or anything, but they do have a lot of fun. Karen Zach organizes everything and more than a few members of the group have been published extensively. But that isn't the only thing this is about. I'll let Karen explain.

"We do fun writing exercises," she began. "We read them aloud, hear publishing stories and pat each other on the back for such. We bounce around ideas. Occasionally we'll read an article on writing and talk about how we could use that information. We play word games; develop characters; have yummy snacks to prompt brain power. With that all said, our main goal is to encourage each other to write."

Karen said the group ranges from young (teens) to not-so-old (70s).

"Our interests are all totally different," Karen said. "Some love mystery writing; others poetry, non-fiction, technical writing . . . so I think one of the main things we do is not only write in our own comfort zone but to expand into other genres."

The thing is, if you like to write this is something to consider. I went to a writers' workshop at Ball State last summer and one of the posters I saw has stuck with me. It simply said, Writers write. If you get that, you ought to pay Karen & Co. a visit.

The group meets at 9:15 one Saturday morning a month. I'm usually working nearby when they get together and I can tell you from the sounds of laughter and an occasional hoot or holler that they have a good time. Interested? Send Karen an e-mail at

* * *

BASKETBALL SECTIONALS get under way with girls sectionals this week. Maybe that accounts for the snow? And if so, does that mean it'll be worse in a few more weeks when the boys play?

* * *

SPEAKING OF weather, is it just me or does this feel like one of the longest winters we've had? Maybe I'm just getting old? Surely not.

* * *

I STARTED this week's babblings with a reference to the Blizzard of '78. Yes, I did indeed survive that one. Not so sure about the Winter of '14 though.

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