The MUFFY drive for 2014 is officially under way.

Does anyone care?

It's been a rough few years for MUFFY, the organization that provides help to thousands of people in our community. First off, they had to go through a tough year with yours truly leading the effort to raise money. For the record, we fell short of our goal and that's a serious deal. I'm very confident that Lisa Cooper, this year's drive chair, will fare far better and will once again get MUFFY donations at the expected amount.

Thing is, it's a tough time for charity organizations everywhere. Did you know that in Indiana, MUFFY only had seven counterparts out of 92 counties that managed to raise more money than the year before? Out of 92 counties!

No doubt, it's a tough time.

And it's easy not to give, isn't it? I mean aren't we all sick and tired of folks knocking on our door with their hands out? They're everywhere. On TV. In the mail. In the newspaper. In e-mail. This organization, that organization. Everyone. Everywhere. And you can only give so much, right?


So let me tell you why, at least in this little corner of the world, MUFFY matters.

Montgomery County has issues. We like to think that everything is great and wonderful but it's not. There's a wife with a black eye right down the street. There's a child who didn't eat supper last night. There's a man who has no place to stay.

That's at one level.

At another, there's a kid who's teetering on the edge. One push this way and they become a statistic. Someone who will spend their life in the system. Who knows who they might hurt, or worse, in order to get there? A nudge the other way, though, and this kid has a life ahead that might include the white picket fence, a good job and a family.

At still another level, there's an elderly person who's led the good life. They've worked hard, raised a family, paid their bills and are now retired. The family's moved away and, well, there are fewer friends this year than last. They're lonely.

Those are just three levels. There are so many more. And your donation to MUFFY can impact every single one of those examples. Will it solve all the problems? Of course not. It's a donation, not a magic wand. But it matters. It makes a difference. It helps those organization that can step in and make a difference. Organizations like the Youth Service Bureau, the Boys & Girls Club, Camp Rotary. Family Crisis Shelter, Sunshine Vans and more are out there to provide that help.

Once again this year you'll read a lot about MUFFY in your favorite Montgomery County daily. We give them space because it's the right thing to do. Shame on other organizations that won't step up and help out. I hope you, dear reader, will give them space in your life as well. I hope that you will give them a bit of your hard-earned cash, too. Did you know that MUFFY simply asks for a "fair share?" Know what that is? One hour of your pay a month. That's not even 1 percent of your money. It's not too much to ask, is it?

Look, it's not my place to tell you how to spend your money. But let me ask you to consider doing three things:

1. Give at least a fair share

2. Ask your employer to give

3. Ask a friend

There's been a lot of talk by the leaders of our community about improving the quality of life. MUFFY may well be the best place to turn that talk into real and positive action.

MUFFY truly does matter. Please give.

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