Notes scribbled on the back of a Sugarloaf album . . .
For the eight or nine regulars who follow these scribblings, you know I’ve got a problem with politics.
If there was a meeting for folks like me, I’d be the one at the podium, “Hello, my name is Tim and I’m a political junkie.”
Hello, Tim.
Sad, but true.
With that said, I believe we’re at a unique moment in time – politically speaking. Which way it goes is anyone’s guess. About the only thing for sure is, it’s going to be interesting.
Let’s start with the big boys and work our way down to us folks out in the hinterlands.
President Donald Trump (boy it feels weird to type that) has a great opportunity that perhaps no other president since Ronald Reagan has had. Personally, I’m not buying all the hooey that he’s a racist and pretty much everything bad except the antichrist. If he runs the country like a business and stops all the ridiculous spending practices, he’ll automatically improve things a lot. If his cabinet turns out to be half as good as I think they might be, some great things could actually happen.
There’s one big IF though.
Please, please, please Mr. President, lose the Twitter account. Or at the very least, lose the attitude. Thing is, you’re the big dog now. You don’t really have anything left to prove. And by being successful in business you already know that you’re going to attract haters. So let the haters hate and stay above the fray. If you don’t, you might drain the swamp and create a whole bunch of new muck in the process.
Moving on down to the folks in Circle City, here’s a friendly warning for the GOP – don’t blow it.
You guys now have a majority so large that the Democrats might go back to Illinois, except nobody would notice for a few weeks.
That means you guys can do anything you want. On the other hand, if things don’t get done – or get done in a way hard-working Hoosiers don’t like – guess who gets the blame?
Truth to tell, I’d much rather be in your position than where the Dems are. But it won’t be all lollipops and rainbows. Choose wisely.
And that brings us right back here to God’s country. This new economic reality has some parallels to the state GOP situation – or, if you lean to the melodramatic, the ancient Chinese curse: May all your wishes come true.
Mayor Todd Barton decided that the economic development engine Indiana West Advantage was more talk than action. So he crafted a new plan, got the county on board and now has the LEDO in town (lead or local economic development organization).
There will be elected officials involved in the new structure. As Barton accurately points out, these are the folks who will be held accountable for economic development so they should be the ones making the decisions.
This might be the best thing, or it might be the worst. Time will tell. And it’s going to be interesting.
Hello, my name is Tim . . .

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