When life gives you lemons . . .

The happy ending to that saying is to make lemonade. Ah, if things were only that easy. The lesson is a good and fair one though. The reality is that sometimes we get lemons. We may not want lemons. We certainly might not need lemons. And we for darn sure didn't ask for lemons. No matter, we end up with lemons.

What to do, becomes the question.

Some, perhaps most, will simply bemoan the fact that they've got lemons - which they didn't want, need or ask for - and mope. A few might be unwilling to accept what appears to be a negative and will find ways to turn it into a positive, or at least the best they can make of it.

Enter the Boys & Girls Club.

It's been a tough few years for the Club, as well as a lot of non-profits in Montgomery County. Fund-raising has fallen on hard times and last year, the Montgomery United Fund For You fell not just short of its goal, but significantly short. No one wanted, needed or asked for those results, but that's what they got.

So this Saturday, the Boys & Girls Club is making lemonade . . . and a few other drinks.

Welcome to the first-ever $5,500 Giveaway, an event that will see some lucky person go home with $5,000 smackeroos in cash!

"The need is significant this year because of the economy and because our allocation is $25,000 short," Craig Reeves, Chief Professional Officer at the Club explained. "We are having to be creative in the ways that we raise money."

Reeves said that the $5,500 Giveaway idea came up and one of the chief volunteers has been Leslie Peacock. "(She) has been instrumental in getting this organized," Reeves said. "She has put in a ton of volunteer time and we so appreciate her help."

What Peacock and others have been working on is a fun evening at the facility on Whitlock. There will be an open bar, lots of wonderful food, a silent auction, casino games (including poker), a disc jockey and tons of fun. Tickets are only $50 and not only will that ensure a great time on a Saturday night, but it goes to a most worthy cause.

Reeves said the Club was thankful for the corporate sponsors they've gotten so far. Those include The Paper of Montgomery County, Dr. Janet Rucker, American Legion, Journal-Review, Hoosier Heartland State Bank and Morgan's Glass & Paint. He added that there are three main sponsorships left, one Presenting Sponsorship of $5,000 and two Platinum Sponsorships of $2,500. He hopes that local companies will step up and help.

Reeves said that the Club hopes to sell between 300 and 400 tickets. For more information, watch for ads in The Paper of Montgomery County or call the Club at 362-8912.

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