Notes scribbled on the back of a “Big Cookie Says” bumper sticker . . .

Readers’ Choice will fall short of a million votes this year – but we’re not too upset about it. Last year, when we went over 1 million, we held the contest open longer than normal. This year, we’re going to cut it off soon so that it ends in February like it used to. Looks like we’ll likely finish between 600,000 and 700,000 votes – which means I’ll be using fingers, toes, jelly beans and Carter’s pills to do the counting. Still, I’m betting we figure out the winners before Iowa does.
* * *
SPEAKING OF RC ’20, I have been very fortunate that you have voted me Montgomery County’s favorite columnists a few times. I figure the eight or nine of you who read these ramblings must be bored and sit around and vote over and over and over.
In the past, I have voted for Karen Zach – and this year it’s going to be a tough decision between her and Butch Dale. Butch? Karen? Karen? Butch? Looks to me like I can’t go wrong with either.
* * *
LOTS OF POSITIVE comments have been heard about Sen. Mike Braun and his visit to this little corner of God’s country yesterday. One gentleman told me on the phone that Braun is like Trump – a political outsider with a business background who knows how to get things done . . . except with a lot more class.
* * *
THE FEEDBACK from writings about MUFFY continues. From the vast, vast majority, there is a strong feeling that allowing our United Fund to become partners with United Way of Greater Lafayette would be a huge mistake.
Here’s hoping that the board of directors in Montgomery County start asking some tough questions of their own. Here’s hoping that rather than listen to gossip and flat-out nonsense they start asking:
• Why there was no sense of urgency with last year’s drive?
• Why were there no emergency board meetings when the drive was falling apart?
• Why was there historically low publicity for the overall drive?
• Why was there little to nothing said in advance of the Wabash residential drive?
• Why did there have to be so much secrecy and legal documents?
• About 14 percent of 2020 is now over, is there a drive chair for this year?
• If so, who is it? If not, why not?
• And if so, where’s the publicity campaign?
Some folks will say that these questions are unfair. Heck, I was even told that all the attention I’m paying has something to do with our paper and the Journal-Review. Have to admit that made me giggle. We have for years told MUFFY that their money was no good with us and we have donated thousands upon thousands of dollars in free advertising. If there’s some secret formula to success that involves giving away advertising for free please tell me what it is. Please!
The purpose of the United Fund organization here in Montgomery County is to provide funding. Every one of those questions goes right to the heart of funding . . . last year or this. It’s not complicated. Those questions above are legitimate and fair. Whether they come from John Q. Public on West Main, the pages of The Paper or from some board members themselves does not matter. They deserve answers. We’ll keep asking until we get some.
* * *
THE BIG COOKIE, you ask? Long-time fans of the Little Giants will remember the bumper stickers that came out of a little print shop up near Fort Wayne from a guy who had a heart bigger than the Monon Bell.

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