Maybe the sun wasn't shining much last weekend, but Crawfordsville and Montgomery County really did for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross event just south of town.

Do they still hand out keys to the city? If so, the Tom Shaver family should get a set. Those folks have single-handedly been front and center on creating a great economic boost for our little corner of the world through this event and their annual efforts with the Ironman.

How many thousands of people can now say they've been to Crawfordsville and Montgomery County who otherwise never would have? Hard to estimate, but ask the restaurants and some of the retail businesses how many. They can tell you in terms of dollars and cents.

Kudos also to the dozens if not hundreds of volunteers who helped out. They made everything work in spite of Ma Nature not cooperating as well as she could've.

And let's not forget Main Street, the Montgomery County Visitor's Bureau, the Sheriff's department, city police and emergency responders. It was a good effort by all and it paid off nicely.

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SPEAKING OF things going well, The Paper has a softball team for the first time. And if you are reading this column today, it means that I didn't die during our first game last night. Or maybe I did and no one bothered to pull the column for today? Tell you what, check the obits. If I'm not there, then last night was a success!

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WANT TO KNOW a secret? The intrepid sports staff at your favorite Montgomery County Daily is working on a top-secret project that will be unveiled very soon. It's a big secret, but since this is just you and me talking, I'll tell you that it involves the Sagamore Athletic Conference and the most comprehensive coverage ever put together. No other paper, website or pony express has come up with something this big or complete before.

Stay tuned. You'll hear all the details in a few days. But until then, shhh, it's a secret.

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SECRET, PART DOS: Weather? Want to know about the weather? Stay tuned. We've got another surprise coming up!

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A LOT OF people have asked me about the recent news involving Gannett splitting off its newspapers into a separate company. Is it the beginning of the end? Gannett's the biggest company out there, right? USA Today - along with Indiana papers Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie and Richmond - are the big boys, right? Does this mean your newspapers will close?

No. Yes. Yes, and Hell No!

I wouldn't begin to tell Gannett how to do their business (not that they'd ask), but I can tell you about ours. Our little company has grown and grown over its 10-year history. We've had a profitable track record for the last five and would've had six if the U.S. economy hadn't hit the skids in 2008. Think about that for a second. How many businesses don't survive their first five or six years, let alone turn the corner? Most new businesses fail. Not only have we managed to avoid that, but we've grown to the point where we now have The Paper, The Weekly, The Noblesville Times, the Sheridan News,, and the Hamilton County Sports Daily. Our monthly readership tops 140,000 different people and we are based in a small community that has two daily newspapers.

Doesn't sound like a dying industry to me.

I will grant that the industry is changing. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Thing is, we're a provider of information and there's never been a time in human history where information is more needed. It's not a bad position to be in.

* * * * * *

THE MORE THINGS change, the more . . . I stay confused. OK, so CBS is moving from WISH to WTTV? Heck, I still have trouble remembering if ABC is on 6 or 13 and they switched back in 1979.

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