The ad resembles an old boxing poster. But don't be mistaken, an epic battle this is not. No Ali-Frazier, not even Tyson-Spinks. Nope, this fight is simply two groups of really good folks getting together to help MUFFY help others. Good folks, with a sense of humor.

"Seriously, it may take awhile since we're going to score 10 runs every inning," Montgomery County Sheriff Mark Casteel said.

"You know how to stop them?" Crawfordsville Assistant Fire Chief Jim Fulwider asked. "Throw out a doughnut."

OK, maybe humor and a little competitive.

"It" is a softball game that the police and fire have agreed to play as a way to raise money and awareness for MUFFY this year. The big event is right before Halloween on Tuesday, Oct. 29. The evening gets started at 6:30 p.m. Word is that there will be an honor guard presenting the flag, a stirring rendition of the national anthem and even a local dignitary throwing out the first pitch. About the only thing missing will be Vin Scully and Harry Caray on play by play.

"You do know why they became firemen, don't you?" Casteel asked a bystander during an organizational meeting for the game. "Because they couldn't pass the police test."

"We'll come out ahead," Fulwider responded. "Especially if we compare medical records. Or shirt sizes. They'll need a bunch of XLs and XXLs"

He wasn't referring to chest size, I don't think.

Casteel and Fulwider are good guys, regardless of any ribbing they give each other. I've known both of them longer than any of us care to admit and the fact that they're organizing this event is testament to the kind of community-minded and generous individuals they are. And competitive.

"Hey, Mark," Fulwider said. "Don't worry about your guys being out of shape. We'll have the portable oxygen there for you guys."

"Good, we'll bring our tasers so you guys don't have to worry about the defibrillators," Casteel countered.

"You guys do know what bats are, right?" Casteel asked.

"Wow, I can't even comment," Fulwider said, shaking his head.

Speaking of good guys, Crawfordsville Area Softball Association President Jeff Nelson said there will be a home-run hitting contest open to men and women.

"We'll set it up so there's a line at 200-feet, 250 and so on," Nelson explained. "Anything over the fence will be five points, past 200 one point and so on."

The cost for the homer contest will be $10 and people can e-mail Nelson ( or me ( or sign up at Elston by 6:30 p.m. the night of the event.

All the money raised will go to MUFFY and everyone involved said they hope for a big crowd. Tickets are being sold in advance at The Paper of Montgomery County, the Crawfordsville Fire Department, Crawfordsville Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. The cost is $5 for an individual or $10 per family or carload.

The winner isn't guaranteed, just fun.

"I haven't hit one out down there in four years," Casteel said. "Then again, I haven't played down there in four years."

"The key word in that sentence is out," Fulwider said. "The only thing they'll be making is lots of outs."