A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the MUFFY campaign was extended through the end of February. Well, that time is quickly dwindling away and there are two important tasks that I must complete.

First is to let you know that there is still time to give. Yes, the need is still great. In fact it may never have been greater. There's been a lot of doom and gloom talk of late about some businesses that are either downsizing or closing. Staples is one of those and will only be in open in Crawfordsville for about 10 more days. There are others.

Call it a bad economy, blame Obamacare, say it's because of a full moon . . . doesn't matter. At the end of the day, we'll all be a little worse off. I keep hearing from folks in the know in both government and private sectors that good things are coming. I've been hearing that for a while. I hope they are right. Unitl then though, bad news is bad news. Lost jobs are lost jobs.

This is where many non-profits come in. It's not rocket science, and as an old friend used to say, we're not exactly building space shuttles here. It's pretty simple. When times are tough, the need for social services rises. The problem is, when times are tough it's hard for good folks to give.

Ol' Bill said it best: Ay, there's the rub.

So if you are in a position to give something, really anything, to MUFFY, now's the time. You can call 362-5484, go to www.muffy.org or call or write me. Any of us can help you get your donation from Point A to Point Be Sure to Give.

It's important. It truly is.

I mentioned two things and the second one is a lot easier and much more pleasurable for me. I get to say thank you to a great team that worked awfully hard this year for you and for our great non-profits.

Let me start with Lisa Cooper, the brains behind the team and the drive chair for this coming year. Lisa met with MUFFY E.D. David Johnson and I at ungodly hours of the morning. She always brought great ideas and an analytical mind - which is a polite way of saying that when I threw out a hare-brained idea she could shoot it down without making me feel like a complete idiot.

The drive team itself consisted of Sheriff Mark Casteel, HHSB's Brad Monts, Laura and Cody Leatherman, Sen. Phil Boots, The Paper's Kim Van Matre, Wabash College's Dr. Rick Warner and Kim Johnson, Realtors Extraordinaire Nancy and Dwayne Rater and retired executive Claude Johnson. Several of these folks, set records in their divisions and it is absolutely safe to say that even though we may only end up around $400,000 (which will be a good bit better than last year), it would have been far worse without these guys.

Thank you would be incomplete without the office staff, the aforementioned Mr. Johnson, a friend and an all-around good guy. I don't know how anyone can do this kind of work year after year. There are times when the situations you run across literally bring tears to eyes and tug way too hard on the heart. Yet David does it over and over again.

New this year to the MUFFY campaign is Kara Edie. If Lisa wasn't the brains behind the drive, then Kara certainly was. Her desk is where the rubber meets the road. Everything ends up with Kara and she gracefully pulls it all together so that it's organized, useful and most of all, accurate. If you call the MUFFY office to make a donation (that number again is 362-5484 . . . just saying) you'll get the privilege of talking to Kara. She's cheerful, friendly, professional, prepared and - since she worked with me - clearly patient.

Let me wrap up by saying thank you to the team, the staff and those who gave this year. It's appreciated more than I can say. And yes, there's still time to get in on the thank you. Call 362-5484. That number again is 362-5484. Just saying . . .