I would like to take a moment to publically thank everyone for their hard work and patience during the recent winter storm. We faced snowfall and bitter cold temperatures like we hadn't faced in many years. Our community clearly pulled together, as it always does, in the face of adversity. It was impressive to watch the teamwork that occurred as we faced these deadly conditions.

I especially want to thank our emergency responders, utility workers and street crews. Our police officers, fire fighters and paramedics worked very hard in dangerous conditions for several days to protect our community and keep everyone safe. Their workload increased because of the conditions and their dedication to serving this community was clear. Crews from Crawfordsville Electric, Light & Power responded to the conditions swiftly and ensured that no one in Crawfordsville went without power and crews from the Crawfordsville Street Department worked long, grueling days and nights to keep our streets clear and remove snow from the downtown business district. Nearly 200 dump truck loads of snow were hauled from the downtown over the course of three different nights. They did an amazing job and as a result, the heart of our city was quickly cleared to allow business to resume.

The 911 Dispatchers handled a greatly increased work load and made sure that everyone received the help they needed and the Emergency Operations Center was staffed by Emergency Management personnel around the clock. They did a great job of coordinating the many different agencies and seeing to it that resources were in the right place when needed. The Montgomery County Red Cross stepped up and opened an emergency shelter at the Park and Recreation Center. This supplemented the available shelters in the small towns and provided a warm, safe place for those who found themselves in need.

The county departments worked hand in hand with our city departments in an effort that was well coordinated and impressive. In addition, many businesses and individuals contributed to the overall effort to keep everyone safe and allowed us to recover as quickly as possible. I know that many different people and organizations were involved and if I have overlooked anyone I apologize but I feel it's important to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of everyone. It was truly a job well done, Crawfordsville and Montgomery County!

Todd Barton is the Mayor of Crawfordsville.