Greetings to everyone and hope your July was great. The office has been busy this last month as we had 37 people in our office with 21 claims and applications sent in. Also, I had 51 incoming phone calls and 47 out bound. I also received word that we had 5 claims approved from the VA.

I would like to say a Huge Thank You to those that served in the Korean War as we just celebrated the 60th anniversary for the end of hostilities July 27 1953. Hostilities were from June 25 1950 thru July 27, 1953. There were 1,789,000 troops in theater and 36,576 that lost their lives. Montgomery County had lost 12 soldiers to the conflict and Indiana total had 920 lost to the Korean War.

During this time there were a lot of medals awarded to our soldiers and here is a list of those: Medal of Honor-137; Distinguished Service Cross/Navy Cross-972; Silver Star-12,146; Legion of Merit-3,882; Bronze Star-85,000; Purple Heart-136,913. We have a lot of hero's that served. Stats are from VFW Magazine.

I would like to ask and remind our veterans and spouses to have a Will/Power of Attorney/Living Will etc. prepared at the attorney of your choice. This is not for you but your family as it protects what you own and what your wishes are. Young veterans are in this same category as well as a good life insurance policy. Usually what is recommended is 8-10 times you and your wife's income in a level term policy for 15/20/30 years. You would be surprised at how inexpensive these policies are.

I would also like to remind Veterans/Dependents and Survivors of the 2012 edition book that explains the benefits that are available to you and it is free. I also have an Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs booklet that pertains to Indiana only and it is free just come and see me.

If you need help here are some phone numbers to write down for use later:

Veteran Crisis Line-800-273-8255

Women Veterans-800-829-6636

Homeless Veterans-877-424-3838

VA Combat Call Center -877-927-8387


As always please call me at 361-4133 at my office or my cell at 401-0432 and please note that I am not usually in on Fridays. Joe Ellis 110 W. S. Blvd Crawfordsville, IN 47933