I would like to bring you an update on our latest Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. We started out at 6 a.m. at the Purdue Airport with breakfast and check in and a security check before boarding our plane. The plane is a 737-800 that holds around 176 people. We had 80 veterans on this trip with 80 guardians to help. Yes it was Monday, April 29, a nice day here but a rainy day in D.C. It certainly did not dampen the enthusiasm of the Veterans. We flew from Purdue Airport on a charter flight to Baltimore Washington International Airport and were greeted by a group of active duty Air Force personnel who were very excited to see these WW2 and Korean War Veterans coming off the airplane. We then boarded three charter buses and started our tour of their memorials.

First we started with the WW2 memorial and had those veterans that fought in WW2 to have their picture taken at this memorial. We were able to spend time reading the quotes from those days and then went back to the buses where our lunches were waiting for us. Then we went on to the Lincoln memorial and the Korean War Memorial where those veterans from this war had their group picture taken. They also had time to see the Vietnam wall as well as the Lincoln Memorial. Our next stop or drive by was at the Marines Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) and then onto the Arlington Cemetery to view the changing of the guard. I don't care how many times I see it I am moved each time. These Men who stand watch over the tomb are to be marveled at. The Tomb is never abandoned even in the worst of weather. The Sentinels of the Third United States Infantry Regiment "Old Guard" are the individuals that guard the Tomb.

We then made the short trip to the Air Force Memorial which is very unique as it displays three pieces of steel that rise from the ground into the sky with a curve in the middle. At last we head back to the airport in Baltimore and board our plane but not before we were able to wish some young Army and Air Force men and women getting ready to head to Afghanistan. We arrived back in Lafayette at 9PM to a group of 200-250 well wishers that were amazing. The pictures I have included are the group picture of the WW2 Veterans at their memorial and the Korean Veterans at their memorial. If you are a veteran of those two wars and would like to go with one of our next flights give me a call. The trip is free to the veteran and our next flights will be June 24th and then Sept. 7th. My numbers are (765)401-4133 or (765)401-0432 or you can email me at joe.ellis@montgomeryco.net. If you have any questions about VA benefits please call me at those same numbers.