I want to start off with a huge thank you to all of you men and women that have served your country or are serving our country today. The sacrifice you have made or are making is not unnoticed or forgotten. This past Monday was Veterans Day and a lot of activities were going on. The annual Veterans Day event at the court house was good with BG Wayne Black as the key note speaker. I had the opportunity to visit with a fifth grade class at Sommer Elementry School whose principle is Suzie Gephart and they always do a very good job with presenting a Veterans Day program put on by the children. As always it was moving. I had asked Command Sergeant Major Charles Scruggs to go with me to answer questions with Mrs. Brunton's fifth grade class. The questions were great and, as always, Charlie loves to show up in his uniform which impresses those in attendance.

Back in October I also had the honor of taking Mrs. Betty Freeman to Danville VA Hospital to a remembrance ceremony for her husband Ron Freeman an Air Force veteran he was a crew chief on C-130 aircraft. I believe there were a total of 29 veterans that were remembered that day. These are men and women who have passed away at the VA in Danville. There were prayers, singing and a speech or two and a 21-gun salute by the local Korean War Honor Guard. The Danville VA does this four times each year in respect to those that we have lost. It was a great day.

Mike Spencer the person in charge of the American Legion Honor Guard has asked me to request your help. He needs volunteers that are willing to help with the Honor Guard for funeral duty. This is a volunteer position so if you are interested in helping please call Mike at 366-9883.

This Sunday at the Lafayette Armory, just off of the Veterans Highway in Lafayette, will be a small reunion for those that have flown on Honor Flight this year. We flew in April, June and September of this year. Those who participated in these flights are asked to bring a dessert and have a good time. We will go from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and we will furnish the coffee and lemonade so bring your family. Any questions call me.

One last thing this month, I ran into Gary Bell, a navy corpsman, who told me about a website that veterans should look into. It is called "Together We Served" Army-Navy-Marines-Air Force which is a place you can look for your buddies. It does cost something to belong but at least check it out.

Joe Ellis is the Veterans' Service Officer for Montgomery County. His column appears each month in The Paper of Montgomery County. He can be reached at 361-4133, 401-0432 or joe.ellis@montgomeryco.net