This week we have a question that probably hits near and dear to a lot of hearts from the east end of Crawfordsville. It comes from Debi Scruggs and is about grocery shopping, or rather the lack of an ability to grocery shop over there.

Dear MAC,
Is Kroger's planning to build a store near Pace Dairy??? Or anywhere in Crawfordsville?
Debi Scruggs

Well Debi, MAC reached out to the regional Kroger HQ and the Manager of Corporate Affairs Eric Halvorson. It took a little while (Mr. Halvorson is a busy guy!), but here’s what he said he found out when he checked into it.

With the excellent work being done by our Crawfordsville Square Kroger, we have no plans for new construction.

So thanks for the response and let’s hope Crawfordsville can get something in over there to help out soon!
In the meantime, be sure to look in today’s edition for some exciting news from Kroger about the COVID-19 vaccine!
Thank you Debi for the question! And thanks to all of you for reading Ask MAC. Remember, if you have a burning question you need answered let Ask MAC know because MAC gets answers!

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