Hey everyone! Long time no see! MAC has been masking up and socially distancing from everyone – but I got to say that it was nice to get a question and have the chance to get back to work.
This week’s query comes from Mr. Rick Paulson. First off, thanks for signing your name! MAC loves it when people do that instead of choosing to be anonymous. (And just so you know, Mr. Ed Ebaugh sent in another question for MAC that we’re working on now. So good for you, too, Mr. Ebaugh and stay tuned for that answer coming soon.)
Without further ado (anyone actually know what “ado” is?), let’s get to Mr. Paulson’s question.

Dear MAC,
Why has no grocery chain taken over the old Kroger store on 32?? Surely someone could come in there and make money and service us on the N.E. Side of town! There are plenty of grocery companies out there. Or is simply that the city council or county commissioners that are preventing such an enterprise???Rick Paulson??

I got to tell you Rick, I can’t see any reason in the world why it would benefit the city or county from preventing a store from coming in. But hey, let’s not take my word for it. Here’s the two guys who are in the know – Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton and County Commissioner President Jim Fulwider. First, Mayor Barton:

“The City and County have worked hard to create an inviting environment for new businesses and have specifically reached out to grocers. To date, none of them have made a decision to locate a new store in Crawfordsville. It is important to remember that private businesses make their own decisions about where to locate based on many factors, including their own assessment of probable success in a particular community or at a specific location. Unfortunately, there is much uncertainty in the retail world right now, and that is especially true in the grocery segment. Many communities are facing similar challenges in attracting and retaining quality grocery offerings. I share everyone's frustration with the limited grocery shopping options in Crawfordsville and can assure you we are taking every step possible to help entice additional offerings."

Now, Commissioner Fulwider:

“I agree with what the Mayor said. Neither one of us would ever deter business from coming here. We live here too and would love to see that space filled. There is a lot of uncertainty going on with the times we’re in right now – and I know it’s a difficult time for businesses, especially when it comes down to expanding or opening new markets.”

Sounds not just reasonable, but perfectly correct to me. Thanks to Mayor Barton and Commissioner Fulwider for taking the time to answer Mr. Paulson’s question. And again, stay tuned for another Ask MAC soon when we turn to the county for an answer to Mr. Ebaugh’s question.
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